Henrico County has multiple local and regional projects. This list centralizes them and gives you detailed information on each type.

Project NameType of ProjectProject StatusStart DateEnd Date
Airport Drive SidewalkInfrastructureUnderway - DesignMay 2025December 2025
Anoka Road Traffic CalmingInfrastructureStudy
Ashland to Petersburg Trail StudyInfrastructureStudy
ATMS - Span Wires and Pedestrian AccomodationsInfrastructureUnderway - DesignDecember 2023
Automated Traffic Management System (ATMS), Phase IIInfrastructureUnderway - ConstructionJune 2023June 2024
Bethlehem Road ImprovementsInfrastructureUnderway - Right of Way AcquisitionMay 2024May 2026
Bremo Road ImprovementsRoadsCompletedFebruary 2023May 2023
Brook Road ImprovementsInfrastructureUnderway - DesignJanuary 2026August 2027
Cheswick ParkCommunityUnderway20210901September 202120240115January 2024
Church Road Sidewalk ImprovementsInfrastructureCompletedMay 2023July 2023
Cobbs Creek ReservoirEnvironmentalUnderway - Construction20150701June 201720160301Dec 2024
County Floodplain Map UpdatesCommunityStudy20230101January 202320240831Summer 2024
County-Wide Pedestrian ImprovementsInfrastructureUnderway - DesignMay 2024October 2025
County-Wide Pedestrian Signal ImprovementsInfrastructureUnderway - Design
County-Wide RoundaboutsInfrastructureUnderway - ConstructionMay 2023September 2023
Creighton Road Improvements - Sandy Lane to Laburnum AvenueRoadsIn ProgressMarch 2023March 2025
Dabbs House Road ImprovementsRoadsIn Progress20191101October 202020211101November 2023
Derbyshire Rd Pedestrian and Roadway Improvements StudyInfrastructurePreliminary
Doran Road RoundaboutInfrastructureUnderway - DesignFebruary 2026January 2027
Doron Road Connector Trail StudyInfrastructureStudy
Dumbarton Road Safety and Mobility ImprovementsInfrastructureUnderway - DesignNovember 2023November 2023
E. Laburnum Ave Sidewalk, Phase IIInfrastructureUnderway - DesignApril 2025December 2025
Eastern Henrico Truck Travel StudyStudyStudy
Eastridge Rd SidewalkInfrastructureUnderway - DesignJanuary 2025January 2026
Fall Line TrailInfrastructureUnderway
Fall Line Trail - Brook and Hilliard Road PhaseInfrastructureUnderway - DesignMay 2025April 2026
Fall Line Trail - Lakeside Community Trail Phase 1, 2, and 3InfrastructureUnderway - Design20232026
Fall Line Trail - Longdale PhaseInfrastructureUnderway - DesignNovember 2024October 2026
Fall Line Trail - Park Street PhaseInfrastructureUnderway - DesignOctober 2023February 2024
Fall Line Trail - Villa Park PhaseInfrastructureUnderway - DesignJune 2024June 2025
Firehouse 20CommunityUnderway20201201December 202020220531Spring 2022
Forest Glen Drainage ImprovementsInfrastructureUnderway - DesignNovember 2023Fall 2024
Garden City Connector TrailInfrastructureUnderway - DesignSeptember 2025September 2026
Gaskins Park & Ride LightingInfrastructureUnderway - ConstructionMay 2023December 2023
Glen Allen HS Intersection ImprovementsInfrastructureUnderwayNovember 2023January 2024
Glen Allen Small Area StudyStudyStudy
Glenbrooke Circle Drainage ImprovementsInfrastructureUnderway - DesignFebruary 2024April 2024
Glover ParkCommunityIn Progress20190701July 201920180520
Greenwood Road Bridge RepairInfrastructureUnderway - ConstructionAugust 2023May 2024
Greenwood Road ImprovementsInfrastructureUnderway - DesignFebruary 2026February 2028
Henrico Sports & Events CenterCommunityUnderway - Construction20200116January 2020November 2023
Hilliard Road Safety & Mobility ImprovementsInfrastructureUnderway - DesignNovember 2023December 2023
Hungary Road SidewalkInfrastructureUnderway - Construction20230101July 202320240101April 2024
I-295 Woodman InterchangeInfrastructureStudy
Kingsridge Parkway Signal and ImprovementsInfrastructureUnderway - DesignDecember 2025May 2026
Lakeside Area Mobility and Safety ImprovementsInfrastructureStudy
Lakeside Avenue Bike and Pedestrian ImprovementsInfrastructureUnderway - DesignJanuary 2026August 2027
Lakeside Avenue Bridge ReplacementInfrastructureUnderway - Utility RelocationDecember 2024November 2025
Libbie Avenue Road ImprovementsRoadsUnderway - DesignMarch 2025March 2026
Liesfeld Farm Drive ExtensionInfrastructureUnderway - DesignApril 2025April 2026
Magellan Parkway Bridge over I-95 SectionInfrastructureUnderway - Right of Way AcquisitionMay 2024October 2025
Magellan Parkway ExtensionInfrastructureUnderway - Right of Way AcquisitionJanuary 2024November 2024
Mayland/Pemberton RoundaboutInfrastructureUnderway - DesignMarch 2026February 2027
Meadow Road Culvert ReplacementInfrastructureUnderway - Right of Way AcquisitionApril 2025April 2026
Messer Road Trail ConnectorInfrastructureUnderway - DesignJanuary 2025May 2025
Mill Road Sanitary Sewer ImprovementsInfrastructureUnderway - DesignJune 2023September 2023
Monument Ave SidewalkInfrastructureUnderway - DesignDecember 2024December 2025
Mountain Road Trail StudyInfrastructureStudy
N Laburnum Avenue Pedestrian and Transit ImprovementsInfrastructurePreliminaryAugust 2026April 2027
N Parham Rd Sidewalk #3InfrastructurePreliminaryDecember 2024December 2025
N. Parham Road Sidewalk and Traffic Signal ImprovementInfrastructureUnderway - DesignJune 2027February 2028
North Gayton Road Bike and Pedestrian ImprovementsInfrastructureUnderway - DesignAugust 2023September 2023
Nuckols Rd Pedestrian ImprovementsInfrastructurePreliminaryDecember 2024December 2025
Nuckols TrailInfrastructureFuture ProjectMarch 2025October 2025
Parham Road Bridge RepairInfrastructureUnderwayAugust 2023May 2025
Parham Road Pedestrian and Transit Stop ImprovementsInfrastructureUnderway - Right of Way AcquisitionSeptember 2023December 2023
Parham Road Pedestrian Intersection Improvements (Staples Mill Rd & Hungary Springs Rd)InfrastructureUnderway - DesignSeptember 2025April 2026
Pouncey Tract Pickleball Courts Phase IIICommunityUnderway - Design20220701July 202220240229February 2024
Public Design CharretteStudyStudy
Raintree Drive SidewalkInfrastructureUnderway - Right of Way AcquisitionDecember 2023April 2024
Richmond-Henrico Turnpike Improvements - SouthInfrastructureUnderway - Utility Relocation20250201February 202520251101November 2025
Ridge Road Safety and Mobility ImprovementsInfrastructureUnderway - DesignMarch 2024April 2024
Ridge Road Sidewalk Improvements, Phase IIInfrastructureUnderway - DesignSeptember 2025September 2026
Ridge Road Sidewalk, Phase 1InfrastructureUnderway - Right of Way AcquisitionJanuary 2024August 2024
Ridgefield Parkway Sidewalk, Phase IIIInfrastructureUnderway - DesignJuly 2024September 2024
Route 5 Corridor/Marion Hill StudyStudyCompletedMay 2017December 2018
Rt 5 / New Osborne Turnpike ImprovementsInfrastructureStudy
S. Laburnum Ave. Northbound SidewalkInfrastructureUnderway - DesignMarch 2025March 2026
S. Laburnum Ave. Southbound SidewalkInfrastructureUnderway - DesignMarch 2025March 2026
S. Laburnum/Route 5 Intersection ImprovementsInfrastructureUnderway - DesignOctober 2024March 2025
Sadler Road and Sadler Place Intersection Improvements and Nuckols Road Turn LaneInfrastructureUnderway - DesignJuly 2024February 2025
Sadler Road ImprovementsRoadsUnderway - Utility Relocation20240401April 202420260401April 2026
Shady Grove Road and Old Nuckols Road Safety & Mobility ImprovementsInfrastructureUnderway - DesignMay 2024October 2024
Short Pump InterchangeInfrastructureStudy
Short Pump Town Center Virtual Design CharretteStudyStudy
Shrader Road SidewalkInfrastructureUnderway - DesignMay 2025January 2026
Solar Photovoltaic System - Fairfield Area LibraryEnvironmentalUnderway - Design20210716July 2021June 2022
Solar Photovoltaic System - Recreation and Parks Main OfficeEnvironmentalUnderway - Design20210716July 2021June 2022
St. Claire Lane Sidewalk and Drainage ImprovementsInfrastructureUnderway - Construction20220901September 202220230901September 2023
Staples Mill Road SidewalkInfrastructurePreliminaryJuly 2026December 2027
Taylor Farm ParkCommunityUnderway20201001Feb 202120230531Summer 2024
Thalbro St SidewalksInfrastructureUnderway - DesignDecember 2024December 2025
Three Chopt Road Improvement, Phase IIRoadsUnderway - Utility RelocationApril 2025April 2027
Transit Stop ImprovementsTransitIn Progress2018Ongoing
Tuckahoe Creek ParkCommunityPreliminarySpring 2023
Tuckahoe ParkCommunityIn ProgressJuly 2021
Turner Road and Darbytown Road Modular RoundaboutInfrastructureUnderway - DesignAugust 2023October 2023
Twin Hickory Lake Drive Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements StudyInfrastructureStudy
Virginia Center Common (VCC) Connector TrailInfrastructureUnderway - DesignNovember 2024June 2025
Virginia Center Commons Design CharretteStudyStudy
Westwood Small Area StudyStudyCompletedJuly 2018December 2018
Wilkinson Road Culvert ReplacementInfrastructureUnderway20211201September 202320231201May 2025
Winfrey Road Cul de sacInfrastructurePreliminaryNovember 2024December 2024
Winfrey Road Pedestrian ImprovementsInfrastructureUnderway - DesignJuly 2023September 2023
Woodman Road ImprovementsInfrastructurePreliminaryMay 2028May 2030

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