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Apply for a license to conduct business within the County of Henrico. The Permit Center reviews and approves the zoning for business license applications. Additional factors such as off-street parking and proximity to other land uses may also affect the approval of a business license. Once a business license is approved by Permit Center staff, it is issued by the Department of Finance.

Home Occupations

The final page of the business license application contains a questionnaire that is specific to home-based businesses. Often, the licensee does not properly complete this section. When completing the questionnaire, please keep in mind that this section relates to the work done in the home office, not at the client’s location. If there are any questions regarding how to complete the business license application, please contact the Permit Center staff at (804) 501-7280.

Mobile Food Vendors

Mobile food vendors may be permitted as temporary outdoor sales stands.

Outdoor sales stands may be located in the B-3 business district or the M-1, M -2, M -3 industrial districts. Every location at which the licensee would like to set up needs to be individually approved by the Permit Center. The following information will be required for approval:

  1. Location address.
  2. Property owner/manager approval letter.
  3. Site plan showing location of sales stand / mobile unit including parking areas.

The property must have an additional five (5) parking spaces (off-street) above those required for the primary business. The location must also be 200’ from any residentially zoned property. If you have any further questions regarding this type of business, please contact the Permit Center staff at (804) 501-7280

For additional information, see the Food Service Business Table below.



Thank you for applying for a Henrico County Business License online. Before completing in the application, please review the following checklist in order to provide the required information:

  • Federal ID or SSN
  • Phone number
  • Start Date of the Business (or the date you will start in Henrico County)
  • Mailing address
  • Location address
  • Email address
  • Estimation of Income from Start Date to 12/31/23
  • Side A OR Side B of the Supplemental Questionnaire

If you are registering a Corporation, LLC or using a Trade Name, please make sure this has been completed prior to submitting your license application. You can register your legal business entity or trade name online at

If you are a Contractor, you will need to complete:


Provide License or Certificate number issued by the State Board of Contractors
Complete the Contractor Affidavit

The time it takes to receive your license may vary. It usually only takes a few days but could take up to two weeks depending on your type of business.

If you have any questions, you can email us directly at

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