Fall Line Trail

Project Status: Underway

Magisterial District:   Fairfield  


The Fall Line Trail is a regional multi-use trail that has had an evolutionary nature. Though taking on several names throughout the history of its development, this trail will serve the Richmond region in many capacities. One of the first pieces in materializing the Fall Line Trail was the construction of the first phase of the Trolley Line Trail in the Town of Ashland in 2018. A second phase of this trail was completed in the Fall of 2020, extending the trail to the southern town limits. In the planning discussions for the Ashland Trolley Line Trail, the idea for an expansion of the Trolley Line Trail into a multi-jurisdictional trail came to fruition. This idea also became a connection point for the East Coast Greenway which spans from Maine to Florida.



Over time, the concept of constructing a multi-use trail that will span seven localities was established and referred to as the Ashland to Petersburg Trail. The trail is proposed to pass through urban, rural and suburban terrain making it unique compared to previously built trails. VDOT initiated the Ashland to Petersburg Trail Study to identify a preferred corridor for a multi-use trail. Once completed, the paved, multi-use trail will span approximately 43 miles between Ashland and Petersburg, including  a portion of northern Henrico County in the Fairfield and Brookland Magisterial Districts.. After the establishment of the trail alignment, the trail was announced by Virginia Governor Ralph S. Northam as the Fall Line Trail on October 21, 2020. 



Henrico County Segment 


The Henrico County segment is planned to be 7.5 miles long and to be constructed in 8 phases. The County’s trail segment will span from Bryan Park Avenue to Chickahominy River at the boundary line between Henrico County and Hanover County. Henrico County is striving to have it’s segment of the Fall Line Trail to be constructed within 4-5 years.







Public Involvement 

Public engagement is a crucial part of the Fall Line Trail Planning process. Henrico County and VDOT have held public information meetings related to the trail so far

VDOT held its public meetings on March 26, 2019, September 30, 2019, and October 1, 2019 to offer an opportunity for the public to provide input to VDOT on active transportation needs and the preferred trail corridor.

On Thursday, September 19, 2019 the Henrico County Department of Public Works held a Public Information Meeting to discuss the Lakeside Community Trail with County residents. Additional Public Information Meetings will be held in the future for the remaining phases of the Fall Line Trail. Dates and times for the meetings will be listed on the County’s website and social media pages



Fall Line Trail Walk – June 12, 2021

Bike Walk RVA coordinated a hike along the Fall Line Trail’s future alignment on June 12, 2021 with elected officials and staff from jurisdictions along the trail’s proposed alignment. See pictures below from the hike. 


Henrico Sections- Status and Schedule


Project Limits

Status and Schedule 

Section 1: Park Street

Bryan Park Ave to Spring Park

  • Design underway 
  • Awarded VDOT Revenue Sharing funding 
  • Construction anticipated to begin as early as December 2022 

Section 2: Lakeside Community Trail Phase I

Spring Park to Dumbarton Rd

  • Design underway 
  • Awarded Federal Transportation Alternative Grant funding for construction  
  • Construction anticipated to begin as early as December 2024 

Section 3: Lakeside Community Trail Phase II

Dumbarton Rd to Lakeside Recreation Area

  • Design underway 
  • Awarded Federal Transportation Alternative Grant funding for construction 
  • Construction anticipated to begin as early as June 2023 

Section 4: Lakeside Community Trail Phase III

Lakeside Recreation Area to Hilliard Road

  • Design underway 
  • Construction anticipated to begin as early as December 2022 

Section 5: Hilliard Road/Brook Road

Hilliard Road to Lakeside Avenue

  • Design underway 
  • Awarded Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) and Highway Infrastructure Program (HIP) funding 
  • Construction anticipated to begin as early as July 2024 

Section 6: Villa Park

Lakeside Avenue to Parham Road

  • Design underway 
  • Construction anticipated to begin as early as May 2024 

Section 7: Longdale

Parham Rd to Woodman Rd Extended

  • Design underway 
  • Construction anticipated to begin as early as September 2024 

Section 8: Chickahominy River Crossing

Woodman Rd Extended to Cedar Ln (Hanover)

  • Design underway 
  • Awarded District Grant Program funding 
  • Administered by VDOT 

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