Tuckahoe Creek Park

Project Status: Preliminary

Estimated Cost: $10,000,000
Start Date: Spring 2023

Magisterial District:   Three Chopt   Tuckahoe  

Community Input Meetings

Henrico County Recreation & Parks held initial community meetings to discuss the Tuckahoe Creek Park Bond Project. Meetings were held in June 2023 at Nuckols Farm ES and Carver ES.

  • Meet the planning and design team
  • Review existing boardwalk and park properties
  • Discuss opportunities and constraints for potential trail systems/boardwalk between Patterson Avenue and Broad Street.
  • Share thoughts and comments  

View project details and submit comments online 

Tuckahoe Creek Corridor

  • The Tuckahoe Creek boardwalk system provides pedestrian access to the Tuckahoe Creek flood plain for walking, fishing, and enjoying nature.
  • Henrico County owns 240 acres of floodplain along Tuckahoe Creek. This land is comprised of several non-contiguous parcels that stretch from just south of Broad Street to just south of Patterson Avenue.
  • Henrico County voters approved $5,000,000 in capital funding for development of the entire Tuckahoe Creek Park system in November 2016.
  • This bond referendum funding was appropriated in July of 2021 and is being used to expand the initial phases into a community-level passive park resource with designated parking and better access from multiple communities within nearby neighborhoods.

 Phase III

  • The next phase in the planning process is to complete a full master plan depicting the most practical land-use options for the entire 240-acres of county-owned land along Tuckahoe Creek. Many areas of the land are not presently suitable for development and the $10M project budget is not nearly enough to construct a boardwalk across all the parcels owned even if they were all contiguous. This process will utilize the valuable citizen input received at the June 5th and 12th meetings as well as from the online comments. This land is comprised of several non-contiguous parcels that stretch across Three Chopt and Tuckahoe Magisterial Districts, from just south of Broad Street to just below Patterson Avenue. We will need to prioritize exactly what we think can be constructed with the available bond funding. 
  • The county is actively working to acquire missing segments of land to provide continuous access across some, but not all of Tuckahoe Creek frontage between West Broad Street and Patterson Avenue.
  • A community master plan process to discuss plans for the entire corridor will begin in late fall or winter (23-24) and will include community input through additional meetings facilitated by the Division of Recreation and Parks.
  • Future construction will occur in multiple phases.

Progress to Date

Phase III Community Input Meetings

  • Monday, June 5 – Three Chopt District
    • 6:30 p.m. at Nuckols Farm ES
  • Monday, June 12 – Tuckahoe District
    • 6:30 p.m. at Carver ES

Phase I & II Boardwalk Trail (Complete)

  • 2016: Phase I completed, which included 500 feet of boardwalk and a neighborhood pedestrian access at the terminus of Ridgefield Parkway.
  • 2020: Phase II completed, which provided an additional 1,000+ linear feet of boardwalk and trail connecting the end of Phase I to Old Coach Lane.
  • Phase II completed a neighborhood pedestrian link from Ridgefield Parkway to Old Coach Lane.
  • Funding was provided through multiple Recreational Trails Access grants administered through the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation. The grants totaled $938,535.

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