The Department of Public Works is responsible for developing, improving and maintaining, an efficient and safe transportation and drainage network for Henrico County.The Department of Public Works is divided into 7 Divisions: Administration, Construction, DesignEngineering and Environmental ServicesRoad Maintenance, Transportation Development (Capital Projects), and Traffic Engineering . These divisions insure that all engineering, construction and maintenance work for roads, drainage, transit service, and erosion control follow the acceptable standards achievable with the efficient use of capital expenditures to provide the residents of Henrico County the ability to travel throughout the County in a safe manner and with minimum congestion. We strive to provide each resident with the informative and factual response to any inquiry in a timely manner.

How do I get a PotHole fixed?

Our specially equipped trucks for pothole and crack sealing of the roads are used year round. ThesRoad Patching Trucke trucks keep the asphalt in a heated storage area on the truck and dispense the asphalt as needed.

Access the Online form here: Pothole Repair Request Form






Email Work Request / Complaints To speak with someone call: (804) 727-8300 (Western Henrico) or if you live in Eastern Henrico (804) 652-3975

Plantmoreplants Henrico County has partnered with the Department of Conservation and Recreation, as well as several other municipalities, to spread the word about plants and how they can help the Chesapeake Bay’s health. Through this program, we hope to make an impact on the quality of the Bay and the diverse ecosystem that it supports. Please visit their website, www.plantmoreplants.com, for more information.




Stormwater Program (VPDES)


Henrico’s Debris Management Program

State Cover Sheet

Effective July 1, 2004, Chesterfield and Henrico County now require a State cover Sheet for all BMP/SWM Agreements and Maintenance Agreements. This Cover Sheet software is available at: www.landsystems.com.

Flood Plain Information

Flooding is a serious issue on certain stream crossings in Henrico County during larger storm events.  It is dangerous to cross a flooded road.  Small cars and even big trucks can be swept off a flooded road by high speed water.  If you see a flooded roadway, it’s best to “Turn Around Don’t Drown®”.  Find alternate routes around high water crossings.

The National Weather Service has a flood warning system called the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service.  In the event of a predicted flood this service predicts the water levels that some of the major streams will achieve.

Development within the 100-year floodplain is carefully controlled in Henrico County. 100-Year Floodplains in Henrico are defined as Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA) and consist of both FEMA regulated floodplain, as depicted on the FIRM maps, and County only regulated floodplain as depicted on the County GIS database. For information on floodplains contact: 804-501-7460 . Read More

Dam Safety Information

Dams which are of sufficient size to be regulated by the Virginia Department of Conservation require certificates issued by that agency under the Virginia Dam Safety Program. For information on Dams contact: 804-501-7460 or DCR at 804-786-1359. Read More

Survey Information

The Survey Section of the Design Divisions is composed of two four person crews who have the responsibility of providing any surveys necessary for maintaining and updating of Henrico County’s roadway and drainage systems.  These surveys include topographic surveying, boundary surveying, construction stakeout, construction surveys and geodetic surveying. Read More

Mosquito and West Nile Virus Information

Check out our website or call 226-NILE (6453) for information.


Manuals Online:

Environmental Compliance Manual
Design Manual
Detail drawings for use with AutoCad
(from Design Manual)

Forms Online:

Acceptance of Streets into County’s Road System,
Erosion & Sediment Agreement,
BMP Certification,|



Located in Henrico County are: GRTC bus routes, Richmond International Airport, and Amtrak Railway Station.





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