Street Acceptance Information

Information for Acceptance of Streets into the County’s Road System

The Process:

  • Request acceptance of streets by writing Mr. Jason Bass in the Construction Division and indicate that you are ready for a final inspection.
  • The Construction Division will set up a final inspection and provide a punch list of outstanding work to be completed.
  • The punch list will include the amount of a roadway “defect bond”. This document should be submitted to Sally Ferrell in the Public Works Administration Division. Avoid having to amend the dates of a defect bond by waiting until the inspector has indicated that all other punch list items are complete to the County’s satisfaction.
  • The acceptable forms of financial guarantee for a defect bond are (a) cash, (b) letter of credit, (c) assignment of a bank certificate of deposit and (d) surety bond.
  • Streets will be placed on a formal Board of Supervisors agenda for acceptance when the inspector has approved the roads for acceptance and the owner/developer has submitted a defect bond.

Because of various legal requirements, all roadway defect bonds are reviewed by the County Attorney’s Office for proper signatures. In order to help you submit documents, the County Attorney’s Office has prepared the following information. Any documents that do not comply will be rejected.

  1. If there is a need to erase, cross out, or add any information to a preprinted form, the persons who sign the document must also initial each change. To prevent fraud, the document may not be modified by anyone other than the persons signing it. Changes must be on the original
  2. Document to ensure there are not multiple versions of the document.
  3. There must be at least one document with original signatures and, on forms which require notary signatures, original notary signatures.
  4. If a corporation is the contracting party, an officer authorized to sign for the corporation must sign as officer of the corporation and the signature should be notarized as such, e.g., “XYS Corporation, by John Smith, President.” If a partnership is the contracting party, a partner or officer of the partnership authorized to sign must sign for the partnership and have the signature notarized as such.
  5. Letters of Credit may be issued on out-of-area banks but must provide a draw address at a bank in the City of Richmond, Chesterfield County, or Henrico County, Virginia.
  6. When submitting an assignment of a bank certificate of deposit as the financial guarantee, be sure to include a legal description of the property as Exhibit “A” and a copy of the certificate as exhibit “B”.

For additional information, please call Ms. Debra Brocco at (804) 501-5488 or see here and refer to the tabs labeled “Construction” and “DPW Forms.”

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