The Construction Division is responsible for a wide range of tasks involving the public rights-of-way and easements. Some of these task include:

  • The management and inspection of Capital Improvement Road and Drainage projects.
  • Maintenance replacement projects.
  • The tree removal program.
  • The permit procedures to work in the right-of-way.
    Permit to Work in County Right-of-Way with Attached Provisions (PDF)
  • The inspection of road improvements resulting from commercial and residential construction .
  • The inspection of bridges and major drainage structures.
  • The enforcement of ordinances and policies governing the work and use of the public right-of-way.

Certificate of Occupancy Permit

Public Works reviews all work within the existing right-of-way only. To check on the status of your CO, first check with Building Inspections, if Public Works is holding the CO, you may call Dave Davis at (804)727-8243 for assistance.

Building Inspections Records - Request Building Inspections information, such as inspection reports, copies of plans and permit data.
Change of Use & C/O Reissue - Application for a change of use or certificate of occupancy (C/O) reissuance.
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (C/O) - Application for temporary certificate of occupancy (C/O).


Driveway Installation

How do I add a driveway to my property? A letter from the Construction Engineer, giving permission to make cuts in County curb must be obtained by calling Ken Martin (804) 727-8234. Download: curb cut specifications(in pdf format).


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