Photo of bicycle lane with sign One of the newly painted bike lanes located at Twin Hickory Road and Holman Ridge Road


Get around Henrico County by bicycling! We aim to provide bike infrastructure for all ages and abilities. Biking is a great way to get exercise while riding to work or school, running errands, or going to a park or library. Not only is biking great for your health, it also gets more cars off the road. Less cars on the road means less traffic and fewer carbon emissions. Biking is becoming more popular throughout the Richmond region. As more of our residents choose to travel by bicycle, we are working to provide safer and more convenient facilities for cyclists throughout Henrico County.   



Draft Bike Plan

Henrico has started updating the County’s comprehensive plan. This important document will provide the framework for how the county will grow and develop over the next 20 years. Included in the 2045 Comprehensive Plan, the Major Thoroughfare Plan will address transportation concerns in the County, one of these being bicycle accessibility and facilities.

The Draft Bike Plan‘s first community engagement period has concluded. Thank you for sharing your feedback and thoughts on bike facilities in Henrico County! A public feedback summary will be comprised and shared in the coming months. To learn about future public engagement opportunities for the Bike Plan, please sign up for the email list below to stay informed


Image of Twin Hickory Road Bike lane

Bike Lanes













Bike rack located at the Glenside Park & Ride in the West End of Henrico County

Bike Parking

  • Never leave a parked bike unattended without properly locking it.
  • Bike racks are located at some bus stops, businesses, schools and park & rides.










Bus stop at the Glenside Park & Ride in the West End of Henrico County

Park & Ride 

A Park & Ride is a parking lot that is part of a multi-modal transportation system with the aim of reducing traffic congestion. These Park & Rides help by giving commuters the option to carpool or use one of the many transit systems to get to their destination. Henrico County maintains two Park-and-Rides and VDOT maintains one Park-and-Ride in Henrico County for those who wish to carpool, van-pool, or connect to transit. Park & Rides are also great for the environment by reducing the amount of vehicles on the road which in turn creates less emissions. Use this map to find a Park and Ride near you.

Visit  to find places you can enjoy riding and walking.




A bus rider taking their bike off one of GRTC’s Pulse buses at the Willow Lawn bus stop

Bike Safety Tips

Henrico County bike patrol officers have prepared a bicycling safety video to help you get around by bike safely.  You can view this video on YouTube for important safety tips!

Bicyclists Must Obey by Traffic Laws when riding on the roads

  • Obey all traffic signs, signals, lights, and markings
  • Ride on the right side, with traffic
  • When turning, use motor vehicle turn lanes
  • Ride no more than two side by side
  • Ride single file when moving slower than traffic
  • When riding on the sidewalk or paths, warn pedestrians when approaching from behind by calling or with a bell, and give right of way to pedestrians


  • Use hand signals for turns and stops (example video by Henrico County is available)
  • When turning or crossing, look LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT
  • Carry children securely in special seats or trailers. Use white head lamps visible 500 feet, rear reflectors, and a red taillight when bicycling between sunset and sunrise
  • Wear a helmet and reflective clothing


  • Carry passengers on bicycles built for one rider
  • Wear earphones in both ears


For more information regarding safety while walking, biking or driving please visit



Bikes on Transit

You can ride GRTC buses when you go on an outing with your bike. All GRTC buses have bike racks attached so you can travel with your bike. Having a bike rack on all GRTC buses makes taking the bus more convenient for people who love riding bikes!

Learn how to use the GRTC bike racks.








Fall Line Trail 

The Fall Line Trail is a 41-mile-long multi-use trail that spans through seven localities including Henrico County. The trail is planned to pass through urban, rural and suburban terrain making it unique to other previously built trails.

A trail study was conducted to help identify a preferred route that would complement the active transportation currently in the Richmond region, by improving bicycle and pedestrian safety as well as many other non-motorized forms of transportation. Henrico County is working with VDOT to identify the preferred corridor for the Henrico County segment of the Ashland to Petersburg Trail. For more information, please visit VDOT’s Ashland to Petersburg Trail Study web page.

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