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The Traffic Signal Section for the County of Henrico is responsible for more than 140 traffic signals. This includes all maintenance, installation, contractor inspection, and design for these signals. The Division also responds to emergency signal malfunction calls on a 24 hour (call 501-5000 after 4:30) basis and could range from simply changing a bulb to a signal pole that has been knocked down in an accident.

Henrico County only maintains the traffic signals that are located at the intersection of two County roadways. The State of Virginia (VDOT) maintains the signalized intersections on State roads which run through Henrico County.

This section was created in 1973 and is currently under the direction of the Assistant Traffic Engineer, Matthew Mawyer. You may contact Mr. Mawyer by email at [email protected] for the following:

  • Information on signal timings
  • Questions or concerns related to a signalized intersection
  • Request changes to traffic signals

You may contact the Traffic Signal Specialist Supervisor, Spencer Ellis, by email at [email protected] for traffic signal maintenance concerning:

  • Signal light bulbs out
  • Short timings of signals
  • Signal detectors that do not pick up vehicles

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