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Environmental Contacts

Main Public Works Phone Number: (804) 501-4393
Who do I call for:
Topic Name Phone
BMP Acceptance Inspections John Graves (804)501-7240
BMP Maintenance Inspections Ryn Kennedy (804) 501-5590
Bond Release Submit in writing to:
Scott Jackson
Henrico County Public Works
P.O. Box 27032
Henrico, VA 23273-0775
Drainage Complaints Pam Orlandi (804) 226-6453
Erosion and Sediment Control Patrick Weddel (804) 727-8328
Responsible Land Disturber Patrick Weddel (804) 727-8328
Residential Building Permits Coryelle Pondy (804) 501-5094
Resource Protection Area (RPA) Matthew Batdorf (804) 727-8325
Standing Water Complaints Pam Orlandi (804) 226-6453
Stream Assessment/Watershed Management Program Keith White (804) 501-7475
West Nile Virus Hot Line Pam Orlandi (804) 226-NILE (6453)
Wetlands Matthew Batdorf (804) 727-8325

Need to contact an environmental inspector for a project?


Jen Cobb, Engineering & Environmental Services Division Director 501-4539
Keith White, Senior Engineer 501-7475
Scott Jackson, Senior Engineer 501-7474
John Newton, Capital Projects Manager 501-4168
Karen Mazza, Secretary 501-4396 maz@henricous
Doug Young, Review Engineer 501-5851
VACANT, Review Engineer 501-4620
Sarah Briggs, Review Engineer 501-4616
John Graves, Environmental Engineer 501-7240
Alex Gruendl, Review Engineer 501-4033
Shirley Carney,  Engineering Technician 501-7462
Olivia Hall, Environmental Program Specialist 501-5846
Kristin Burton, Environmental Program Specialist 501-5414
Deana Williams, Environmental Program Specialist 501-7319
Matthew Batdorf, Water Quality Research Analyst 727-8325
Patrick Weddel, Environmental Compliance Specialist Supervisor 727-8328
Stephanie Reisenberg, Environmental Compliance Specialist 727-8346
Sheila Penaloza, Environmental Compliance Specialist 727-8327
Catie McCarthy, Environmental Compliance Specialist 727-8326
Lauren Clay, Environmental Compliance Specialist 727-8306
Zach Harwood, Environmental Compliance Specialist  727-8322
Stacey Garrett, Environmental Compliance Specialist 727-8331
Jacob Nun, Environmental Compliance Specialist 727-8513
Teddy Kozak, Environmental Compliance Specialist 727-8347
West Nile Virus, Drainage & Standing Water Contacts
Randy Buchanan, Environmental Program Specialist II 727-8323
Wes Robertson, Environmental & Vector Management Specialist 727-8358
Ryan Levering, Environmental & Vector Management Specialist 727-8359
Pam Orlandi, Secretary 501-7333
West Nile Virus, Drainage & Standing Water 226-NILE (6453)

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Public Works

Henrico Department of Public Works
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(804) 501-4393

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