Other Road Maintenance Tasks

The Henrico County Road Maintenance is responsible for the construction and maintenance of our county roads. below are listed some of the tasks that are preformed by our county forces on a daily and yearly basics.

Public Works Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping

Henrico County has in operation throughout the county sweeper trucks for cleaning curbs and gutters. Hundreds of miles of roadway are swept on a year round schedule

Mowing Tractor


Mowing grass along the ditches and County Right Of Way is accomplished during the spring and summer of the year. Many miles of roadway are trimmed during the year which keeps Henrico County looking great.

Public Works Road Restoration

Road Restoration

Our Road Department restores and patches roads as needed throughout the County. If road is in need of this type of repair an inspection is made, the road is then dug up and base material is placed down if needed, asphalt is dumped in and rolled. The entire road may be paved at a later date.

Chip Seal Machine

Chip Sealing Roads

Chip Seal is the combination of liquid asphalt and gravel applied to an existing road to seal cracks in the road and prevent water from penetrating and causing potholes.

Mow Trim Tractor

Mow Trimming

The County’s 3 mow trim machines are kept busy throughout the year by trimming along hard to get to areas by the roadways or reaching over guardrail or up high to trim over hanging trees.

Road Patching Truck

Road Patching

Our 2 specially equipped trucks for pot hole and crack sealing of the roads are used year round. These trucks keep the asphalt in a heated storage area on the truck and dispense the asphalt as needed. The truck also has a small pad vibrator to smooth out large patches.

Sewer Jet Truck

Drop Inlet Cleaning

Two Vacall trucks operate in the County cleaning out drop inlets and large drainage pipes under roads. These machines also are instrumental in clearing clogged drop inlets after storms where water has accumulated in large pools.

Ditch Cleaning

Ditch Cleaning

With the many miles of drainage ditches in the county, the process of cleaning these ditches is very important. Dirt, leaves and other debris are hauled away by the ton in this operation helping to keep our drainage system in good condition.

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