Road Resurfacing FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    What purpose does Slurry Seal Serve?
A. Slurry Seal is a think asphalt overlay/sealer that will fill in slight imperfections and give your street a uniform color and texture. Most importantly it seals the street, thus preventing the infiltration of water, which is the most frequent cause of pavement failure. There is a residue (sandy grit) that remains loose on the finished surface, but dissipates in a short time.

Q. How long will Slurry Seal last on my streets?
A. The life expectancy of slurry seal is five to seven years.

Q. What is Slurry Seal material?
A. Slurry seal is made of emulsified asphalt, water, and stone dust. It is applied in a ½ inch mat over the completed road surface.

Q.    Can Henrico County resurface my driveway with slurry seal?
A. No. The contractor is not allowed to resurface any private driveways. The equipment is extremely heavy and could damage most residential driveways.

Q.    When will my neighborhood be resurfaced?
A. Your neighborhood streets will be resurfaced on the dates listed in the flyer that will be sent to you, weather permitting.

Q.    Where can I park my vehicle when resurfacing begins?
A. You can park your vehicle in your driveway, yard, or an adjacent street as long as you do not block any road or sidewalk, and that the street does not have parking restrictions.

Q.    Will driving over freshly laid Slurry Seal damage the road surface?
A. Damage to the pavement surface can occur if you drive over the new surface within the first fifteen minutes after the application. We would prefer you wait at least forty-five minutes to do this. If you must leave, you should be very careful not to turn sharply or quickly on the fresh material to prevent damaging the pavement or getting the material on your vehicle. However, if an emergency arises, feel free to leave your home at anytime.

Q.    If my side of the street is finished, may I park on the opposite side of the street?
A. No. If you park your car on the unfinished side of the street, you force other cars to drive on the new surface, which could damage it. The other side of the street also needs to be resurfaced, so it must be clear of vehicles at all times.

Q.    When May I park my vehicle back on the street?
A. When all of the “NO PARKING” signs are removed from the street, you are free to resume parking.

Q.    What do I do if I have Slurry Seal on my car or on my driveway?
A. We have found that “GOJO” hand cleaner, which you can find at your local hardware or automotive store is an excellent cleaner for this purpose.

Q.    At an intersection near my house, there is dry stone on the road. Why is this?
A. At some intersections, a light coating of sand aggregate is applied so traffic will not damage the surface. It will be swept up at a later date.

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