Current Projects

ProjectStatusStart DateEnd DateDistrict
Airport Drive SidewalkUnderway - Design20252026Varina  
Anoka Road Traffic CalmingUnderway - ConstructionThree Chopt 
ATMS – Span Wires and Pedestrian AccomodationsUnderway - Design4th Quarter, 2024Three Chopt 
Automated Traffic Management System (ATMS), Phase IIUnderway - Construction2nd Quarter, 20234th Quarter, 2024Brookland   Fairfield   Three Chopt  Tuckahoe   Varina  
Bethlehem Road ImprovementsUnderway - Utility Relocation2nd Quarter, 20242026Brookland  
Brook Road ImprovementsUnderway - Design20262028Fairfield  
Capital Trail Lighting at Rocketts Landing​Underway - Design3rd Quarter, 20244th Quarter, 2024Fairfield  
County Floodplain Map UpdatesStudy20230101January 202320240831Summer 2024Brookland   Fairfield   Three Chopt  Tuckahoe   Varina  
County-Wide Pedestrian ImprovementsUnderway - Design20252026Brookland   Fairfield   Three Chopt  Tuckahoe   Varina  
County-Wide Pedestrian Signal ImprovementsUnderway - Design3rd Quarter, 20244th Quarter, 2024Brookland   Fairfield   Three Chopt  Tuckahoe   Varina  
Creighton Road Improvements – Sandy Lane to Laburnum AvenueUnderway - Construction1st Quarter, 20232025Fairfield   Varina  
Creighton Road SidewalkUnderway20191001June 2022September 2022Fairfield  
Dabbs House Road ImprovementsIn Progress20191101October 202020211101November 2023Varina  
Darbytown Road Pedestrian Improvements​PreliminaryTBDTBDVarina  
Dellrose Avenue Drainage System ImprovementsUnderway - DesignDecember 2021June 2022Brookland  
Derbyshire Rd Pedestrian and Roadway Improvements StudyPreliminaryTuckahoe  
Dickens Road and Staples Mill Road Safety Improvements StudyStudyBrookland  
Doran Road RoundaboutUnderway - Design20262027Varina  
Doron Road Connector Trail StudyStudyTBDTBDVarina  
Dumbarton Road Safety and Mobility ImprovementsUnderway - Design4th Quarter, 20244th Quarter, 2024Fairfield  
E. Laburnum Ave Sidewalk, Phase IIUnderway - Design20252026Fairfield  
E. Laburnum Pedestrian Improvements​Underway - Design20262027Fairfield  
Eastridge Rd SidewalkUnderway - Design20252026Tuckahoe  
Fall Line TrailUnderwayFairfield  
Fall Line Trail – Brook and Hilliard Road PhaseUnderway - Design20252026Fairfield  
Fall Line Trail – Longdale PhaseUnderway - Design20252027Fairfield  
Fall Line Trail – Park Street PhaseUnderway - Construction1st Quarter, 20243rd Quarter, 2024Fairfield  
Fall Line Trail – Villa Park PhaseUnderway - Design20252025Fairfield  
Forest Avenue Pedestrian ImprovementsPreliminary4th Quarter, 20242025Three Chopt  Tuckahoe  
Forest Glen Drainage ImprovementsUnderway - DesignNovember 2023Fall 2024Fairfield  
Francistown Road at Hungary Creek Middle School – Temporary RoundaboutIn ProgressApril 2024May 2024Brookland  
Garden City Connector TrailUnderway - Design20262028Fairfield  
Garden City Pedestrian BridgePreliminary20262028Fairfield  
Gaylord Road Drainage ImprovementsPreliminaryMay 2025October 2025Three Chopt 
Gayton Road Pedestrian Improvements Study (Andover to Starling)StudyTuckahoe  
Gayton Road Pedestrian Improvements Study (Pump to John Rolfe)StudyTuckahoe  
Glen Allen HS Intersection ImprovementsUnderway - Design3rd Quarter, 20243rd Quarter, 2024Brookland  
Glenbrooke Circle Drainage ImprovementsUnderway - DesignFebruary 2024April 2024Tuckahoe  
Greenwood Glen & Magnolia Ridge Connector TrailUnderway - Design20252025Fairfield  
Greenwood Road Bridge RepairUnderway - DesignTBDTBDBrookland  
Greenwood Road ImprovementsUnderway - Design20272029Brookland  
Hilliard Road Safety & Mobility ImprovementsUnderway - Design3rd Quarter, 20243rd Quarter, 2024Fairfield  
Hungary Road Sidewalk, Phase IIUnderway - Design4th Quarter, 20244th Quarter, 2024Brookland  
Hungary Road SidewalkUnderway - Construction202301013rd Quarter, 2023202401012nd Quarter, 2024Brookland  
I-295 Woodman InterchangeStudyFairfield  
Kingsridge Parkway Signal and ImprovementsUnderway - Design20252025Fairfield   Varina  
Laburnum Ave. Mobility StudyStudyFairfield  
Lakeside Area Mobility and Safety ImprovementsStudyBrookland   Fairfield  
Lakeside Avenue Bike and Pedestrian ImprovementsUnderway - Design20272029Fairfield  
Lakeside Avenue Bridge ReplacementUnderway - Utility Relocation4th Quarter, 20242025 Fairfield  
Fall Line Trail – Lakeside Community Trail Phase 1, 2, and 3Underway - Design20242026Fairfield  
Libbie Avenue Road ImprovementsUnderway - Design20252026Brookland  
Liesfeld Farm Drive ExtensionUnderway - Design20252026Three Chopt 
Magellan Parkway Bridge over I-95 SectionUnderway - Utility RelocationNovember 2024October 2026Fairfield  
Magellan Parkway & St. Charles Road ExtensionUnderway - Right of Way AcquisitionJuly 2025 March 2027 Fairfield  
Maude Trevvett Elementary Sidewalk ConnectionUnderway - Design20252026Brookland   Fairfield  
Mayland/Parham Thru CutUnderway - Design20252025Three Chopt 
Mayland/Pemberton ReconfigurationUnderway - Design20262027Three Chopt 
Meadow Road Culvert ReplacementIn Progress4th Quarter, 20242025Varina  
Messer Road Trail ConnectorUnderway - Design20262026Varina  
Monument Ave SidewalkUnderway - Design20272027Brookland  
Mountain Road Trail StudyCompletedFairfield  
Mt. Olive Ave and Trolley Lane Improvements​Underway - Design20262027Fairfield  
N Laburnum Avenue Pedestrian and Transit ImprovementsUnderway - Design20262027Fairfield  
N Parham Rd Sidewalk #3Underway - Design20252026Tuckahoe  
N Parham Road Sidewalk, Phase 2CompletedFall 2022Winter 2022Tuckahoe  
Nuckols Rd Pedestrian ImprovementsUnderway - Design20252026Brookland  
Nuckols TrailFuture ProjectMarch 2025October 2025Brookland  
Parham Road Pedestrian and Transit Stop ImprovementsUnderway - Right of Way Acquisition2nd Quarter, 20243rd Quarter, 2024Brookland  
N. Parham Road Sidewalk and Traffic Signal ImprovementUnderway - Design20272028Three Chopt  Tuckahoe  
Parham Road Bridge RepairUnderway - DesignTBDTBDBrookland   Fairfield  
Parham Road Pedestrian Intersection Improvements (Staples Mill Rd & Hungary Springs Rd)Underway - Design20252026Brookland  
Parham Road Pedestrian Intersection Improvements (Staples Mill Rd Intersection)Underway - Design20252026Brookland  
Raintree Drive SidewalkUnderway - Construction1st Quarter, 20243rd Quarter, 2024Tuckahoe  
RF&P TrailsStudyBrookland  
Richmond-Henrico Turnpike Improvements – SouthUnderway - Utility Relocation202502012025202511012025Fairfield  
Ridge Road Safety and Mobility ImprovementsUnderway - Design2nd Quarter, 20243rd Quarter, 2024Tuckahoe  
Ridge Road Sidewalk Improvements, Phase IIUnderway - Design20272028Tuckahoe  
Ridge Road Sidewalk, Phase 1Underway - Construction1st Quarter, 20243rd Quarter, 2024Tuckahoe  
Ridgefield Parkway Sidewalk, Phase IIIUnderway - Design20252025Tuckahoe  
Rt 5 / New Osborne Turnpike ImprovementsStudyTBDTBDVarina  
S. Laburnum Ave. Northbound SidewalkUnderway - Design20272028Varina  
S. Laburnum Ave. Southbound SidewalkUnderway - Design20272028Varina  
S. Laburnum/Route 5 Intersection ImprovementsUnderway - Design4th Quarter, 20242025Varina  
Sadler Road and Sadler Place Intersection Improvements and Nuckols Road Turn LaneUnderway - Design20252026Three Chopt 
Sadler Road ImprovementsUnderway - Utility Relocation202404012nd Quarter, 2024202604012026Three Chopt 
Shady Grove Road and Old Nuckols Road Safety & Mobility ImprovementsUnderway - Design20252026Three Chopt 
Short Pump InterchangeStudyThree Chopt 
Shrader Road SidewalkUnderway - Design20252026Brookland  
Spring Park TrailheadUnderway - Design4th Quarter, 20244th Quarter, 2024Fairfield  
Staples Mill Pedestrian ImprovementsUnderway - Design20272027Brookland  
Staples Mill Road SidewalkPreliminaryJuly 2026December 2027Brookland  
Thalbro St SidewalksUnderway - Design4th Quarter, 20242025Brookland  
Three Chopt Road Improvement, Phase IIUnderway - Utility Relocation20252027Three Chopt 
Transit Stop ImprovementsIn Progress2018OngoingBrookland   Fairfield   Three Chopt  Tuckahoe   Varina  
Twin Hickory Lake Drive at Hickory Bend Drive Intersection ImprovementsUnderway - DesignTBDTBDThree Chopt 
Virginia Center Common (VCC) Connector TrailUnderway - Design20252025Fairfield  
Virginia Center Commons (VCC) ​Ring Road Lighting​ & Tree RemovalUnderway - Design20252025Fairfield  
Westwood Multimodal Design GuidelinesStudyBrookland  
Wilkinson Road Culvert ReplacementUnderway - Construction202112013rd Quarter, 2023202312012025Fairfield  
Willow Lawn Area Mobility StudyStudyBrookland  
Winfrey Road Cul de sacUnderway - Design20252025Brookland  
Woodman Road ImprovementsUnderway - Design20282030Brookland   Fairfield  
Woodman Road Multi-Use TrailUnderway - ConstructionFebruary 2022May 2022Brookland   Fairfield  


Additional Projects in Henrico County


Located in Henrico County are: GRTC bus routes, Richmond International Airport, and Amtrak Railway Station.





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