pedestrian street crossing sign Pedestrian Crossing sign and markings located on Twin Hickory Road

Walking is a great way to get to nearby destinations and access GRTC transit service. In Henrico we have over 260 miles of sidewalk to get you walking and connected to many destinations!  In addition, we have 30 more miles of sidewalk and multi-use trials funded programmed to be built over the next several years, with more being planned.  We strive to provide better accessibility and mobility for all of our citizens.  This includes crosswalks, pedestrian signals, ADA ramps sidewalks, paved multi-use trails, and bus shelters and benches.




People taking advantage of a newly installed crosswalk on Dabney Road in Henrico County

Our goal is to plan new sidewalks throughout Henrico County with the intention of creating connectivity with existing sidewalks and improving transportation equity. We build new sidewalks as often as possible with a focus on “filling in gaps” in the existing sidewalk network.  As we increase sidewalk construction this will also increase the ability to walk through neighborhoods, connect to transit, get to schools, and other public places.  It is our goal to provide more areas to walk safely and conveniently. You can view a video on YouTube to learn more about the Department of Public Works’ process for building sidewalk to learn more!

Here is a conceptual model from our project planning process.

The process for developing a new sidewalk can be long and complex. To learn more about this process, you can view the “Expanding Sidewalks” video. Visit our Projects page to view more information about our upcoming or in-progress sidewalk projects.    

New LED lighted pedestrian crossing signs located on Dabney Road

Traffic Signs

We work with our Traffic Engineering Division to provide a safe walking environment for pedestrians by installing and maintaining pedestrian signs, crosswalks and other pedestrian markings. 


Pedestrian Safety Tips

  • Use sidewalks and crosswalks if available 
  • Walk facing traffic when no sidewalk is present 
  • Assume drivers cant see you especially at night 
  • Always be aware of bikes and joggers 
  • Make yourself visible by wearing bright or reflective clothing and walk in well-lit areas away from parked cars and other obstacles 
  • Always look up and ahead, avoid distractions such as texting, playing on your phone, etc. 
  • Cross at intersections, this way drivers are aware of you crossing.

Pedestrian Safety is one of our top priorities! Please always make sure to be mindful of where you’re walking. A short video titled CROSSWALK SAFETY provides information on crosswalks and how to safely use them.











For more information regarding safety while walking, biking or driving please visit henrico.us/police/watchoutaheadhenrico/.

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