The Design Division develops plans and prepares construction documents for County roadways and drainage projects. In addition, review and approval is provided for all roadway and drainage projects prepared by County consultants.

Contact the Chief Design Engineer by email for more information for this Division.


Flood Plain Management Information

All proposed land development in Flood Plains (SFHA) of the County for private development, subdivisions, plans of development and building permits, are reviewed for compliance with applicable County Code requirements and Department policy, prior to approval. Read More


Dam Safety Information

Virginia recently revised the Dam Safety requirements related to the safety of impounding structures. Virginia Administrative Code Chapter 20, Impounding Structure Regulations: 4VAC 50-20 modifies and strengthens the requirements for Owners of “Impounding Structures”. Read More


Survey Information

Surveying is the technique of measuring to determine the relative positions of points above, on, or below the earth’s surface.  Surveying is as old as civilization.  Its origins can be traced back to the Egyptians who utilized surveying to reestablish property after flooding by the Nile River.  Read More



Henrico County Plan of Development (POD) Cover Sheet Drawing

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POD Cover  Sheet.dwg

POD Cover Sheet.pdf

Subdivision Cover Sheet.dwg

Subdivision Cover Sheet.pdf

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