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Monitoring & Compliance

The Monitoring and Compliance Section is one of several sections that support the Henrico County Water Reclamation Facility (WRF), which is a Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW).  The Monitoring and Compliance Section is responsible for the development and operation of the Industrial Pretreatment Program, Strong Waste Surcharge Program, and the Liquid Hauled Waste Program for the Department of Public Utilities.  The purpose of the Industrial Pretreatment Program is to:

  1. prevent the discharge of any pollutants that may interfere with and/or pass-through the treatment process at the Water Reclamation Facility and eventually be discharged into the James River;
  2. prevent the introduction of pollutants that may disrupt operation of the sanitary sewer collection system;
  3. prevent the discharge of any pollutants that could threaten the health and safety of POTW employees;
  4. and enhance biosolids reuse and water reclamation opportunities.

Monitoring and Compliance staff are responsible for the proper collection and handling of field samples to check compliance of all users.  The section also supports the Water Treatment Facility and Central Environmental Laboratory by collection of 150 drinking water compliance samples each month.

All of the waste water discharged into the sanitary sewer system is processed at the WRF, which serves over 275,000 customers through more than 90,000 accounts.  Approximately 5,200 of those accounts are commercial and industrial dischargers.

DPU Monitoring & Compliance Directory

Thomas Meade, Monitoring & Compliance Manager (804) 501-7629 mea19@henrico.us
Ryan Smeltz, Water Quality Compliance Supervisor (804) 501-7609 sme001@henrico.us
Dylan Carlton, Water Quality Compliance Specialist (804) 501-7650 car139@henrico.us
Brendan Daly, Water Quality Compliance Specialist (804) 501-7650 dal015@henrico.us
Dallas Roark, Water Quality Compliance Specialist (804) 501-7650 roa010@henrico.us
Josh Bowling, Water Quality Compliance Specialist (804) 501-7650 bow067@henrico.us


Strong Waste Program | Industrial Pretreatment Program | Liquid Hauled Waste Program

Directions to WRF (Microsoft Word format)

Notice of Intent to Discharge   (Microsoft Word Format)

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