Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in adopting a roadway, community, school, or park under the Because We Care volunteer litter pick up program?

Complete information about the steps involved in volunteer litter pick-ups can be found on the Keep Henrico Beautiful website. If you are interested in becoming an official volunteer, please contact the Keep Henrico Beautiful office at 501-4502 or e-mail [email protected].

How do I schedule a Community Clean-up?

Community Cleanups are managed under the Department of Community Maintenance. You can call 501-4757 or visit them on the web.

Who do I inform about a littered roadway in Henrico County?

The Keep Henrico Beautiful office handles and appropriately directs litter concerns in the County. Contact the Keep Henrico Beautiful office at 501-4502 or e-mail [email protected] .

How can my home participate in the curbside recycling program?

If your home is located in a neighborhood that already receives recycling services, you may call the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority at 340-0900. Residents in new neighborhoods seeking information on curbside recycling should contact the Henrico County Division of Solid Waste at 727-8770. Apartment complexes are not eligible for the curbside recycling program.

There is an unkempt house in my neighborhood. Whom should I contact?

The Division of Community Maintenance is responsible for enforcing the zoning ordinance and other code sections,
which relate to the condition and maintenance of privately owned residential and commercial properties. Contact
Community Maintenance at 501-4757 or visit them on the web

How do I schedule a one-time volunteer litter pick-up for my civic organization/group?

One-time litter pick-ups can be scheduled in a County park through the Keep Henrico Beautiful office. In order to pick-up on a County road, the road must be officially adopted under the Because We Care program. For more information contact the Keep Henrico Beautiful office at 501-4502 or [email protected] .

Whom should I contact to remove a large amount of debris/trash in my yard?

The Henrico County Department of Solid Waste handles all bulky waste pick-ups.
Contact them at 727-8770 or visit them on the web.

How can I recycle my Christmas tree?

The Keep Henrico Beautiful Committee sponsors Christmas tree recycling every year. Trees can be dropped off in the appropriate bins at the Western and Eastern Government Centers. Please check the Keep Henrico Beautiful website during the month of December to find the dates this service is available.

What sort of volunteer opportunities does Keep Henrico Beautiful offer?

In addition to the Because We Care volunteer litter pick-up program, there are various other ways Keep Henrico Beautiful can utilize volunteers. Volunteers are needed to: help staff the Keep Henrico Beautiful booth at public events, assemble informational packets for distribution, and help with other projects as they arise. In addition, each June volunteers participate in the James River Annual Clean-up. Not only do volunteers help with litter removal at this event, they are also involved in the organizational process. Contact the KHB Coordinator today by calling 501-4502 or e-mail [email protected] for more information. In addition, you may visit the County’s Human Resource Department.

Can electronics be recycled in Henrico County?

Yes! The Division of Solid Waste sponsors electronics recycling events. Visit their website or call 727-8770 to learn more. You can also visit the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority at

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