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Henrico County offices, facilities are closed Tuesday; courts to open on schedule.

Refuse will not be collected Tue with a one day delay for the week. Public Use Areas closed Tue.

Developer & Engineer Information

Below are some links for the developer and engineering community:

  •  Original Engineering and Technology Master Plan 2003
  • POD Subdivision Contacts


Engineering Contacts


Plan of Development/Subdivision

Agreements, Easements, Landscape Plans, Status of Plan Review, Bond for Water and Sewer Amounts, Standards for Design

Carmel Duverne Email: duv003@henrico.us Phone: (804) 501-7314
Alvin Christian Email: chr26@henrico.us Phone: (804) 501-4500


Water and Sanitary Sewer Information

Availability of Existing Utilities
Building Permits and Occupancy Permits
Connection and Fee Information
Off-Site and Oversized Water and Sewer Mains Credit Policy
Requirements for Application for Service

Barbara Dovell Email: dov03@henrico.us Phone: (804) 501-4504
Chris Sendra Email: sen01@henrico.us Phone: (804) 501-4503


Modeling and Planning

Facilities Planning, Fire Flow Availability

Keith Kramer Email: kra@henrico.us Phone: (804) 501-5309
Marcello Forehand Email: for109@henrico.us Phone: (804) 501-7541
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