Land Lover and Clean Business Awards

To be considered for an award:

  • properties must be well-maintained and litter-free
  • property owners must participate in an ongoing recycling program (exampeles: composting, curbside pickup, drop-off service)
  • businesses must have outdoor trashcans available
  • properties must be within Henrico County limits
  • the property owner must give permission to participate in the program

We encourage sustainability and best management practices to improve water quality and soil health.

Below are some local organizations that promote best management practices and provide services to Henrico residents.

Online forms can be accessed below.  If you need assistance, please call KHB at 804-501-4502 or email [email protected].

Winners will have an award sign posted on their property during June, and will be recognized at a Board of Supervisors meeting.

The Land Lover and Clean Business awards have been presented annually since 1995.

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