Choose to Reuse

Keep Henrico Beautiful asks you to Choose to Reuse so we can work together to support a more sustainable Henrico. We are proud to partner with businesses, civic groups, and individuals as we engage the public in promoting good stewardship of the environment.

Hi I’m Stewart. I’m a good steward of the environment. I try to reduce the amount of trash I create. Before I recycle things, I try to REUSE them first. Join me and Keep Henrico Beautiful as we promote the conservation of our valuable natural resources.

This is why We Choose to Reuse

  • Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year. 12 million barrels of oil are used to manufacture those bags.
  • Keep Henrico Beautiful removed 80 grocery bags and 63 other plastic bags during a September 2021 stream cleanup. KHB routinely removes plastic bags during litter pickup events.
  • The world uses 5 trillion plastic bags per year. That’s over 7000 bags per person. Less than 1 percent of these bags are recycled.
Carry A Reusable Bag
Say “No” To Single-Use
Water Bottles
Carry Reusable Cutlery For
On-The-Go Meals
Choose Bubbles Over Balloons For Celebrations

Additional Information

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