Notice to Proposed Dischargers

Restaurants, bakeries, and other facilities involved in preparation of food have the potential to discharge oil and grease to the sanitary sewer system. It is the discharger’s responsibility to install and properly maintain such pretreatment devices necessary to assure that concentration of oil and grease discharged to the sanitary sewer system do not exceed 300 milligrams per liter (mg/L) as required by Section 23-117 of the County Code.

Oil and grease contribute to increased levels of BOD and suspended solids when present in waste discharged to the sanitary sewer. In addition to other charges for sewer and water services, there will be charged to individual users a strong waste charge for suspended solids when concentrations exceed 275 milligrams per liter and for BOD when concentrations exceed 250 milligrams per liter. These charges are in accordance with Section 23-362(a)(3) of the County Code.

A monitoring manhole will be required in accordance with Section 23-114 of the County Code to facilitate verification of compliance with the specified discharge limits.

Additionally, the Virginia Plumbing Code requires that interceptors shall be provided to protect the building drainage system, the public sewer, and the sewage treatment plant from oil, grease, sand and other  harmful or hazardous substances.    A permit is generally required for installing such devices or systems.  Plumbing permits may be obtained from the Henrico County Department of Building Construction and Inspections.

Discharges of oil and grease greater than 300 mg/L shall constitute a violation of Chapter 23 of the County Code. Such violation shall result in enforcement action subject to the provisions of Section 23-151. In addition, such violation may result in the discontinuance of County water and/or sewer service (including plugging the sewer line) by the Director upon seven (7) days written notice of any violations to the customer or without notice if the Director determines the violations pose an immediate threat to the health, safety or welfare of the public, or the environment or the County sewerage system.

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