New Customers

We welcome you as a customer. Whether you have just moved into the County or simply relocated, we hope the following information will be helpful. Our job is to serve you, and we take it seriously. If you have a problem or a question, please call us. We will do our best to help you.

The Department of Public Utilities is a County department entirely supported through an enterprise fund. It operates under the close fiscal supervision of your elected County Board of Supervisors. All water, sewer and refuse disposal services are paid for by the people who use them at rates established by the Board. County taxes are not used to support these services.

Water and Sewer Billing

Bills for water and sewer services are mailed every two months. To ensure proper credit to your account, always enclose the Cashier’s Copy with your payment, and use the envelope provided. Your payment due date is shown on the bill. Be sure to mail the payment in time to allow five days for processing so that you can avoid the inconvenience of a past-due notice. Utility bills also may be paid at the Cashiers Office of the Government Center on Parham Road, at the Eastern Government Center on Dabbs House Road. If questions arise concerning your bill, please call (804) 501-4275. Your bill will usually show actual water usage. If our meter reader cannot read your meter because of such obstacles as harsh weather, leaves or overgrown shrubs, we must send you an estimated bill based on past usage. If that happens the next meter reading will be used to adjust the following bills so that you are charged for actual usage. We need your help in keeping the meter clear in order to minimize the inconvenience of estimated bills.

Help In Emergencies

Help In Emergencies The top priority of the Department Public Utilities is to provide high-quality water, sewer and waste control services to Henrico residents. However, occasionally problems do occur. If the problem on the water or sewer line to your residence is between your property line and your house/business, then it is your responsibility. On the other hand, if you experience a problem and suspect that it is related to the County’s system that is located within the County right of way, please let us know. The County right of way coincides with the household or business property lines on both sides of the street. Call us at (804) 727-8700 during regular office hours. If emergencies arise during nights, weekends or holidays, please call (804) 501-5025.

Need More Information?

The Department of Public Utilities can provide information on a variety of topics, including water conservation, how to find your main shut-off valve, waste recycling, sewage backup, prevention of frozen pipes, avoiding lead in water, reading your water meter and leak detection. Whether you desire information on one of these subjects or have questions regarding our services, give us a call.

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