High Water Bill

My bill is very high.  Is it possible that I have a leak?
Yes, it is possible, if your bill is higher than your historical average and you are not aware of using additional water for irrigation, filling a pool, or having house guests, etc.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that most leaks within homes go undetected.

The first step in locating a leak is to check your water meter, to see if the meter is registering usage when there is no water running in your home.  If there is water passing through the meter, check for dripping faucets, toilets and showers.  Walk around your yard and see if water is pooling anywhere and check your crawl space and garage.  Fixing a leak can be quick and easy, and often the repair is not costly.  However, the water that is wasted can quickly add up to an expensive water bill.  The following brochure has additional information on finding a leak:

Water Leak Brochure

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