Bank Franchise Tax
The bank franchise tax is an annual tax measured by the net capital of a bank.
Bill Pay Service Provider
Payment option using a bill pay service provider.
Business License
Application for Business License
Business Personal Property Tax
Business Personal Property Tax
Business Tax Filing and Payment Portal
Manage Business Taxes (renewing, filing and payment options). Business taxes cover many areas including Business License, Meals Tax, Business Personal Property, and Misc. Taxes.
Contest Parking Ticket
The owner of a vehicle may contest the parking violation in Court.
Dog License
A dog license is required for dogs four months of age or older unless the dog is used as a service dog. Licenses must be obtained no later than 30 days after a dog turns four months old or within 30 days of the expiration date on the license receipt. Kennel licenses are due on January 1st and no later than January 31st of each year and are paid annually.
File a Claim
The division of Risk Management handles all claims for personal injury and property damage asserted against the County.
Land Use Program
Title 58.1-3230 through 3244 of the Code of Virginia provides for the assessment of land based on use value rather than market value. Use value is the assessment of the land for a specific purpose and is generally lower than market value. This is a local option statute adopted by Henrico County in 1976. The requirements for qualification and use values are established by the State Land Evaluation Advisory Council.
Meals Tax
The meals tax is levied on food and beverages sold by restaurants.
Online Payments
Henrico County accepts electronic payments for personal property taxes, real estate taxes, utility bills, parking tickets, false alarm fees, planning fees, building inspection fees and elevator certificate fees.
Online Tax Assistance Request
Online Tax Bills
You can also safely and securely view your bill online, consolidate your tax bills into one online account, set up notifications and reminders to be sent to your email or mobile phone, schedule payments, create an online wallet, and pay with one click using credit/debit or your checking account.
Pari-Mutual Betting Tax
Off-Track Betting or Pari-Mutual Betting Fees tax began in Henrico County December 10, 1996, with the opening of the Off-Track Betting (OTB) facility at 9127 W. Broad St, Henrico, which is split by the County/City line.
Pay by Mail
Payment option for bills or taxes by mail.
Pay by Phone
Payment option for bills or taxes by phone.
Pay in Person
Payment option for bills or taxes that are paid in person.
Pay Near Me
The County has partnered with PayNearMe to offer an easy and convenient cash payment option.
Personal Property Tax Relief (PPTRA)
The State of Virginia has allocated funds to provide tax relief for qualifying vehicles in the County of Henrico. The amount of tax relief is based upon the total dollars from the Commonwealth divided by the total tax of all qualifying vehicles in the County.
Real Estate Advantage Program (REAP)
The Real Estate Advantage (REAP) is a tax exemption for qualified seniors, residents that are 100 percent permanently and totally disabled, and their spouses which relieves real estate tax up to a maximum of $3,200.
Real Estate Assessment Appeal
Formal reconsideration of an assessment is warranted if the property owner believes the assessed value is in excess of or below fair market value, is based on incorrect property information, or is inequitable when compared to similar properties.
Real Estate Cap Program (RECAP)
An initiative to help qualifying homeowners with their real estate taxes.
Real Estate Tax Exemption Disabled Veterans
Disabled Veterans Tax Exemption of Real Estate Taxes
Reinvest – Tax Abatement Program for Rehabilitated Structures
Information on possible tax exemption of renovations or additions to residential properties.
Reporting Tax Violation
If you suspect that one of the following tax violations has occurred, use this system to report this information to our staff.
Surviving Spouse
Tax exemption for surviving spouses of military service members killed in action.
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