Accounting Division

Request for Duplicate W2 Form

Real Estate Assessment Division

Disabled Veterans Real Estate Tax Exemption
Reinvest: Residential Rehab Application
Reinvest: Commercial Rehab Application
Derelict Building Abatement Application


Revenue Division – Business Section

Business License General Information
Permit Center Application
Worker’s Compensation Certificate (For Contractors Only)
Business License Administrative Appeal Procedures
Business Personal Property Tax Return
Business Personal Property General Information
Short-term Rental Property Tax Application
Short-term Rental Property Tax Quarterly Return
Transient Lodging Tax Remittance
Asset Listing Template Editable
Contractor Affidavit
Sch 95 (Leased Equipment) Template Editable
Prior Year Adj Template Editable


Revenue Division – Vehicle Section

Appeal of Vehicle Assessment – General
Disabled Veteran- Reduced Rate
Disabled Veteran- Exemption
Certification for Volunteers (Fire, Rescue Squads, etc) – and Guidelines of Eligibility for Rescue Squad
Personal Property Filing (Vehicles, Trailers, Motorcycles & Motor Homes)
Personal Property Filing (Boats, Boat Motors, Manufactured Homes, Aircraft)
Application for Reduced Tax Rate for Vehicles Specially Equipped for Transporting Physically Handicapped Individuals
Personal Property Tax Relief Vehicle Use Certification


Tax Relief Information

Real Estate Advantage Program application and instructions
Real Estate Advantage Program certification

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