Fraud and Tax Scams


The County of Henrico is committed to the security of your personal information – and, encourages you to take appropriate steps to safeguard yourself against fraudulent activities as well. Henrico residents have recently reported two separate scamming attempts that the County would like to bring your attention:

Fraudulent Letter of Warranted Lien or Notice of Intent Levy Social Security Benefits

The County does not apply a levy on Social Security benefits, nor does it go through the Internal Revenue Service for any tax collection. Any letter or notice from Henrico County will be printed on official letterhead and will also include a local phone number and the name of someone whom you can contact for questions. Additionally, official mailings from the County will include payment coupons and return envelopes.

Fraudulent Free Gift Offer

The official phone number to make tax payments is 1-855-748-6015. The system clearly identifies the line as Henrico County’s automated bill payment system. Some residents have transposed the last two numbers and been connected to a call center that offers a gift for calling once a payment has been processed. The County does not offer incentives for payment. If you have inadvertently fallen prey to this scam, please call your bank’s fraud department immediately.

Recorded Deed Notice

Henrico County does not sell your property address to outside parties who offer to obtain your property records from the County for a fee. Property assessment records are available at Online Real Estate Data & Disclaimer or by contacting the Real Estate Assessment office at (804) 501-4729. Deed records are available by visiting the Circuit Court Clerk at 4309 E. Parham Road, Courthouse Bldg., Rm 240, Henrico, VA 23228, Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm excluding holidays, Assessment notices are mailed annually from Henrico County in February.

Tax Lien Group

Henrico County does not use a third party that uses the “State of Virginia” to seize property, sell property, or revoke United States passports or drivers licenses. All collection notices will be on County letterhead, have a contact name and a local telephone number, and will include a bill with the descriptive information. Any collection efforts sent by our third party collector will be on their letterhead, include the Henrico County account number, the amount due, contact information and a local telephone number.

Tax Resolution Unit

The County never sends a letter from the “Tax Resolution Unit,” A letter from Henrico County will always be on Henrico County letterhead and include the account number and amount due to the penny. A letter from Henrico County will reference the name and local telephone number of the collector, never an “800” telephone number and never a generic title without the name of the collector. No federal agency collects funds on behalf of Henrico County, so there will never be a threat from “Federal Tax Authorities.”

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