Tax Credit and Relief Program

The County of Henrico offers several tax relief programs.  These tax relief programs are designed to assist qualifying individuals with either total or partial tax relief.

Personal Property

Personal Property Tax Relief

The State of Virginia has allocated funds to provide tax relief for qualifying vehicles in the County of Henrico. The amount of tax relief is based upon the total dollars from the Commonwealth divided by the total tax of all qualifying vehicles in the County.  More Information

Reduced Personal Property Assessment

There are a few specific exceptions in the county code. The rate is $1 per $100 of the assessed value for qualifying vehicles used by volunteer firefighters and volunteer members of rescue squads, and $0.01 per $100 of the assessed value for disabled veterans’ vehicles and motor vehicles specially modified to provide transportation to physically handicapped individuals.  For more information, click here. (link to section of new Personal Property Tax service page.)

Real Estate

Real Estate Advantage Program (REAP)

The Real Estate Advantage Program (REAP) is a tax exemption for qualified seniors, residents that are 100 percent permanently and totally disabled, and their spouses.  More Information 

Disabled Veterans

Exemption of taxation of real property of qualified disabled veterans and spouses.  More Information

Surviving Spouse Real Estate Tax Exemption

Exemption of taxation of real property of a surviving spouse of a military service member who was killed in action as determined by the United States Department of Defense.  More Information 

Reinvest: Tax Abatement Program for Rehabilitated Structures

There are possible tax exemption of renovations or additions to residential, Rehabilitated or Renovated Multi-FamilyCommercial/Industrial, and Hotel/Motel when rehabilitated for residential use properties.  An application must be completed prior to beginning any work.  More Information

Partial Tax Exemption for Abatement of Derelict Building

The County offers a partial tax exemption for demolished or renovated buildings that have been determined by the Building Official to be derelict. For information on partial exemption for demolition or renovation of derelict buildings.

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