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Business License

Virtually all businesses must purchase a business license before commencing operation in Henrico County (the County has no Merchants’ Capital Tax). The specific tax rate varies depending on the nature of the business. In most instances the tax rate is applied to gross receipts. Licenses expire December 31st of each year and must be renewed annually by March 1st.

Phone number: 804-501-4310
Application: Business License Application
Relevant code: Henrico Code §20-350 thru 20-821 / Henrico Code §20-350 thru 20-821

Business Tangible Personal Property

Virtually all businesses must file on all furniture, fixtures, tools, signs, and all equipment used in the conduct of business. The base tax rate applicable to this class of property is currently $3.50 per $100 of assessed value. Various depreciation schedules are applied to arrive at the fair market value of the assets being reported (depending upon the classification of the item).

Phone number: 804-501-4310
Application: Business Return of Tangible Personal Property
Relevant code: Henrico Code §20-108 thru 20-116 / Henrico Code §20-108 thru 20-116

Business FAQs

Who must get a business license? How to get one? Should a business include vehicles in its Business Personal Property return? These and many other topics are addressed in our business FAQs.

Other Business Tax Info

There are other business taxes, such as Sales & Use, Daily Rental Vehicle, and more. Please see this list of miscellaneous business taxes.
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