The Department of Community Revitalization was created in 2004 to coordinate the County’s revitalization programs and services intended to promote healthy, vibrant and attractive residential, commercial and industrial communities.

Help Keep Henrico A Great Place To Live

File a complaint regarding zoning and environmental code violations such as tall grass, trash and debris, and inoperable motor vehicles.


Henrico County to present four free workshops for homeowners.


Coordinated and comprehensive approach…
to foster healthy and vibrant residential and commercial communities

comm revit

Go to >> Community Maintenance :: Cleanup Schedule :: Filing a Complaint

Looking for a Program Presentation? Call 501-4757 for more information.

Volunteer Assistance Program

Interested in volunteering?

Henrico County Enterprise Zone Program

In June 2015, the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development approved the latest expansion of the Henrico Enterprise Zone to include four new areas, bringing the size of the zone to 3,811 acres, and approximately 1,750 addresses.  This amendment followed the January 2015 redesignation of the Zone that extended the life of the Henrico Enterprise Zone to 2022. The zone had previously been set to expire at the end of 2014. Please visit our Henrico County Enterprise Zone Program page for more information, including financial incentives, maps, address lists, and grant application forms.

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