Who handles complaints about inoperable or abandoned vehicles in the street or right-of-way?

To report inoperable or abandoned vehicles in the street or right-of-way, you can call the Police Non-emergency number at 501-5000 or Community Maintenance at 501-4757

Who can I call for a Bulky Waste pick-up?

Call Turbo Haul, Inc. directly at (804) 294-4443 to schedule a Bulky Waste pick-up. You can also visit the Department of Public Utilities Bulky Waste website at https://henrico.us/services/bulky-waste-collections/ and click on Book Now with Turbo Haul to schedule.

Which department maintains County right-of-ways?

County owned right-of-ways such as median strips, and public road sides are maintained by the Public Works Roads Department. To report tall grass or litter on a public right-of-way, call 652-3975 (East End) or 727-8300 (West End).

Where do I report state-maintained road problems?

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) maintains state routes, interstate ramps, and overpasses. Please call their maintenance manager for Henrico County at 328-3044 (East End) or 360-2050 (West End) to report any problems.

How may I receive a free smoke detector?

Call the Henrico County Fire Department at 501-4900.

Which department handles leaf collection?

Public Utilities schedules free bagged leaf collections. To get more information about this service, visit their website at /utility/solid-waste/ or call 501-4275.

Am I allowed to burn leaves in my yard?

Leaf burning is allowed only in certain areas of the County during specific times, and is regulated by the Division of Fire. For more information, call 501-4900 or visit: the Fire FAQs.

What if my neighbor’s pets bother me?

You may call Animal Control at 501-5000 to report dogs running loose, incessant barking, stray animals, or abandoned animals. If your neighbor has more than three adult pets living at their residence, please report this to Community Maintenance.

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