Grass and Weeds

Common Violation: Tall Grass & Weeds

Photo of tall grass and weeds outside of a house.

Section 10-135 of the Henrico County Code defines weeds as: “any grass, weeds, bushes, poison ivy, poison oak or any other vegetable growth other than trees, ornamental shrubbery, flowers and garden vegetables.”

What is the HEIGHT LIMIT for grass/weeds and what properties are required to comply with the ordinance?

The County Code restricts weed growth to 12 inches in height on the following properties:

  • Developed Property – regardless if it is vacant or occupied, residential or commercial – must cut weeds and grass within 150 feet of adjacent property and public streets.
  • Undeveloped Property – must cut weeds and grass within 150 feet of adjacent developed property.

What action does the County take in order to gain compliance from violators of the ordinance?

A Community Maintenance Inspector will respond to a violation by contacting the property owner to explain the code and how to reach compliance. The inspector will make every effort to contact the property owner in person by leaving business cards, brochures, and notices at the property and/or following up by U.S. mail. Voluntary compliance is the goal of our program. However, if voluntary compliance is not reached by the deadline date, the County may respond by hiring a contractor to cut the weeds and grass and billing the cost of doing so to the property owner.

The County Code requires one written Notice of Violation to be issued during a 12 month period. Additional violations during a 12 month period may be cut by the County’s contractor without further notice and the cost billed to the property owner.


Did you know that…

Overgrowth vegetation is prohibited from being cut when the area is required to remain natural to serve as a buffer, required by the subdivision plat, or zoning, or Chesapeake Bay Ordinance, or is located in a protected wetland. Questions about buffers can be answered by calling:

Planning Office 501-4602

Questions about protected wetlands can be answered by calling:

Department of Public Works 501-4393

Help us help you…

Properties with tall grass and weeds frequently have other ordinance violations. If you call to report a weed/grass violation, advising our staff of the following will help the inspector prepare to address all concerns on the property:

  • Is the property vacant or occupied?
  • Are there any inoperable or unlicensed vehicles or trailers on the property?
  • Is there any trash, garbage or litter on the property that is not stored in a covered, watertight container?
  • Have you seen any evidence of rats on the property?

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