Residential Building Inspection Requirements

For Building New One- & Two-Family Dwellings, Additions, and Accessory Structures, and Altering/Renovating Existing Structures

This summary is intended to educate and inform building permit holders about:

  1. General requirements and policies.
  2. How to request inspections.
  3. The types of residential building inspections.
  4. Expectations and specific requirements for each type of inspection.

The summary herein presented is not intended to be a replacement for this code, nor is it intended to be inclusive of all building code requirements.

General Requirements & Policies

The building permit and address (or lot & block for new subdivisions) shall be posted in front of the site or house and be visible from the main road or entrance.

Inspections must be requested in the Build Henrico portal, and work to be inspected must be complete and ready for inspection prior to requesting the inspection.

All building inspections will be performed using the County-approved construction plans from the Build Henrico portal. It’s recommended that the approved plans be printed and kept on site for construction purposes, to ensure that all notes and markups are visible to the builders. If any changes or deviations (e.g. adding a deck, changing a beam or joist size, changing location on property, etc.) are made from the approved permit plans, the plans must be amended and uploaded for review by our plans review staff before the appropriate inspection is requested. The desired changes must be clearly designated. If engineering details are required to abate a code violation, these details shall also be submitted for review.

How to Request Inspections

 Inspections are scheduled through the Build Henrico portal. For assistance, please refer to our website: or call (804) 501-7770 to request your inspection.

Inspections may be requested at any time prior to 7:00 A.M. on the day you desire the inspection to be made. Inspections requested after 7:00 A.M. will automatically be scheduled for the following day.

In addition to building permit inspections, plumbing, mechanical and electrical inspections can also be scheduled through this system.

Types of Residential Building Inspections

Although there are many types of inspections, very few projects require all these inspections. If you have questions about what inspections are required, refer to the Residential Building Inspections Matrix for clarification before the inspection in question would be required.

Code Number Inspection Type
010 Poured Wall
030 Firewall Framing
040 Firewall Insulation
095 Deck Footing
100 Footing
105 Slab
110 Projection
115 Waterproofing/Draintile
120 Foundation
125 Veneer
130 Framing
140 Insulation
145 Fireplace
190 Final Building
195 Other Building


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