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TO: Residential Contractors and Permit Holders

FROM: Building Official

SUBJECT: Interior Braced Wall Inspections

DATE: Updated May 29, 2015

Section 113.3 of the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code requires the inspection of all structural members and fasteners prior to concealment. Section R602.10 of the International Residential Code establishes the criteria for the design and construction of braced wall panels.  Braced wall panels are typically composed of exterior sheathing, fasteners and components that are inspected at the time of the veneer inspection.  The use of interior wall panels to satisfy the bracing required by IRC Section 601.10 has created the potential for confusion.  Specifically, failure to coordinate the inspection of the interior braced walls can lead to costly delays with the approval of the final inspection and issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy.  The Department of Building Construction and Inspections has developed procedural changes to the residential plan review and inspections processes to help avoid these potential problems.

Effective July 1, 2007 the Residential Plan Review Engineers will begin affixing a stamp on all residential building plans that incorporate the use of interior braced wall panels.  This stamp will serve as an indicator that a separate Interior Braced Wall Inspection must be requested prior to concealment of the fasteners and sheathing with wall finishes (including tape or joint compounds).  The Residential Building Inspectors will make a notation on the approved framing and insulation inspection tickets to remind the applicant to request a separate Interior Braced Wall Inspection prior to concealing the fasteners and sheathing with wall finishes.  A new inspection code (025:Interior Braced Wall Inspection) has been created for this purpose.  Effective July 1, 2007 this inspection is required whenever the interior braced wall design relies on the use of interior sheathing panels.  The Residential Building Inspectors will verify the proper location of the braced wall panels as well as the proper use of the fasteners specified by the braced wall design.  The Residential Building Inspectors will continue to confirm compliance of the exterior braced wall panels as part of the veneer inspection.

Please note that a separate Interior Braced Wall inspection is NOT required for interior braced wall designs that rely on let-in bracing or other framing components.  These bracing designs will be inspected and approved as part of the framing inspection.

Please call Senior Building Inspector, Richard Moore, or Senior Plans Review Engineer, George Robbins, at (804) 501-4360 if you have any questions regarding the proper installation or inspection of braced wall panels.

Gregory H. Revels, CBO
Building Official

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