Poured Wall

County approved permit plans are required on site for all inspections including reinspections.

For new dwellings and additions where a soils report is required, a complete copy of the report must be provided on site for this inspection.

This POURED WALL inspection is required prior to placing concrete.

  1. All forms are to be in place.
  2. All reinforcement required by the approved plans is to be complete and a safe method of inspection such as an OSHA approved ladder or scaffolding shall be provided by the general contractor or a representative of the general contractor. Where reinforcing steel (re-bar) is required, re-bars are to be secured to their supports and to adjoining re-bar so that they cannot be displaced (securely tied, etc.).
  3. Walls (forms) are to be the size and depth shown on the approved plans. All pier footings shall be located and aligned per the approved plans if applicable.

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