Inspections Required: Plumbing

The Required Inspections Table shown below lists those inspections that must be performed to verify that your work complies with the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code. Please note that Virginia’s Building Code prohibits the use of any plumbing fixtures or equipment prior to approval of all required inspections. We hope this list is beneficial to you throughout the course of your project. Please call our Building Inspections Department, at 804-501-4360, if you have any questions about what is required for each inspection or if you need help scheduling an inspection. Building, Electrical, Mechanical or Fire Protection work require additional permits and inspections. Separate notices are available to explain the inspections required for each type of permit.

[Inspection Code] Type Additions Finish Attics & Basements Gas Logs & Gas Fireplaces Gas-Fired Appliances & Equipment Bath & Kitchen Remodel Sewer & Water Line Replacement Replace & Relocate Piping
[305] Water Service X
[310] Sewer Service X
[315] Ground- work
[320] Gas Piping Rough-In X X
[325] Plumbing Rough-In X* X* X X
[330] Gas Piping Final X X
[390] Final Plumbing X* X* X X X
Building Permit & Inspections X X X
Electrical Permit & Inspections X X X
Mechanical Permit & Inspections X X ** ** X

* Plumbing permits and inspection are only required if plumbing fixtures are being installed as part of the project.
** The permit applicant may obtain either a plumbing or mechanical permit to install gas piping or appliances.

Explanation of Inspections

The following is a brief description for each type of inspection listed in the Required Inspections Table. These descriptions provide examples of the basic construction features that are inspected. The descriptions are not inclusive of all code criteria that are evaluated during and inspection.

[305] Water Service: Inspects water line from meter to the building for proper depth of burial, approved piping materials and fittings. The ditch must remain open until inspection approval.

[310] Sewer Service: Inspects connection of the building drain to the sewer for proper depth of burial, approved piping materials and fittings. The ditch must remain open until inspection approval.

[315] Groundwork: Inspects all underground plumbing other than water and sewer service lines. All underground piping must be pressure tested for leaks at the time of the inspection. No portion of the underground piping may be covered until inspection approval.

[320] Gas Piping Rough-In: Inspects the location, sizing, installation and pressure test for all gas pipes prior to concealment by insulations, walls, floors or ceilings.

[325] Rough-In: Inspects water, drain and vent piping for proper sizing, fittings, piping materials and location prior to concealment by insulation, walls, floors or ceilings. All piping shall be pressure tested for leaks. All vents are to be installed and ran through the roof. Roof collars are to be installed at this time.

[330] Gas Piping Final: All gas appliances and equipment must be installed, connected and operational. All vent and flue connectors must be installed. The gas meter must be installed and protected, if necessary. All gas piping on the outside of the building that are not galvanized or copper must be corrosion protected (painted). All copper gas pipes must be marked.

[390] Final Plumbing: All plumbing fixtures must be installed and properly working, all hot and cold water faucets must be operational. All drains must be installed and connected.

[395] Other Plumbing Inspections: Inspects miscellaneous plumbing installations including back-flow preventors for lawn irrigation systems.

Questions about inspections can be answered by calling the following telephone numbers:

Residential Building Inspections: (804) 501-4978

Electrical Inspections: (804) 501-4694

Plumbing & Mechanical Inspections: (804) 501-4371

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