County approved permit plans are required on site for all inspections including reinspections.

The FOUNDATION inspection is required prior to the installation of the any framing.

  1. Sill plate anchorage is required. There shall be a minimum 2 bolts per plate section with one bolt located no more than 12 inches or less than seven bolt diameters from each end of the plate section. Additionally bolts are required within 12″ of each corner and at a maximum on center spacing of 6 feet around the full perimeter. Bolts are to be a minimum ” diameter x 7 in. long and are set into solid mortar in the wall. This provides sufficient projection above wall to receive a washer and nut on the bolts without having to mortise the plate. Straps are to be installed as per the manufacturer’s specifications. Straps shall be spaced in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

  2. The grade under the structure (‘crawl space grade’) shall be as high or higher than the finished exterior grade or an approved drainage system will be required. This requirement will be re- checked on the final inspection. The crawl space grade shall be smooth and free of vegetation and a minimum 6-mil vapor retarder lapped a minimum 6 inches covering the entire crawlspace shall be installed. Habitable or storage spaces located below grade require waterproofing and draintile. The requirements for waterproofing, dampproofing and draintile may be found in the International Residential Code, or inquire at this office. Brick sand is not approved as fill within the crawl space or as backfill on either side of foundation walls. Distance from the crawl space grade to the bottom of wood girders shall not be less than 12″ unless the wood girders are of decay resistant material. The distance from the crawl space grade to the bottom of wood floor joists shall not be less than 18″, unless joists are pressure treated. (Wood sub-flooring within 18″ of the crawl space grade must be of decay resistant material.)

  3. A minimum of one foundation vent is required with 3 feet of each corner. One square foot of net clear opening is required for every 150 square feet of crawl space. If a vapor barrier is applied to the ground in the crawl space, one (1) square foot of net clear opening is required for every 1500 square feet of crawl space.

  4. A crawl space access opening with a minimum size of 18″ x 24″ is required for every crawl space. (Larger openings may be required when equipment is located in the crawl space.) This opening shall be provided with a cover or door and cannot be located under any door to the residence. This can take the place of one foundation vent if a louver or vent is installed therein.

  5. The tops of all piers shall be a pier cap or flushed solid with mortar.

  6. Unbalanced fill exceeding 4 feet in depth against basement walls requires greater wall thickness and possibly an engineered design. The types of material used for backfill are also regulated by the building code. Consult your inspector or this office for requirements.

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