Month: June 2018

Ashley Barno, Department of Social Services

A resident praised Human Services Specialist Ashley Barno after she helped his brother continue to receive food stamps. The man and his brother had come to Social Services to pick up a form that was supposed to be left at the reception desk. However, Ashley was unable to find it. In talking with the men, she determined which form was needed and agreed to print a copy from her computer. The resident said Ashley could have apologized and forced them to return another day. Instead, she not only printed the form but also helped them fill it out. This is another example of how exceptional customer service can turn a difficult situation into a pleasant experience. Excellent job, Ashley!

Jay LeReche, Health Department

A resident emailed to acknowledge the excellent service provided by Jay LeReche of the Environmental Health Team. She said that Jay was knowledgeable and patient in helping her determine the work necessary for her failing septic system. He also helped her by describing the process and by indicating which forms needed to be completed. She also complimented Jay for his prompt review of the request and for his final review of the finished work. She said it was a job very well done!

Karen Allen, Department of Social Services

A resident wrote three letters to thank and compliment Karen Allen of the Department of Social Services. He had been homeless and had become despondent when he found out that his SNAP benefits were about to expire. He was near the point of taking his own life.

His demeanor improved after speaking with Karen. He said that she treated him with warmth and compassion and assured him that she would investigate his situation. He added that he appreciated that she did not make him feel like a second-class citizen and once again thanked her for her caring attitude. Thank you, Karen!

Division of Police and MH/DS

A local couple emailed the Chief of Police and Laura Totty to thank them for the sensitive yet strong response by Police and MH/DS to a mental health crisis involving their son. He had been previously diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and was having a serious manic episode. His episodes had been increasing in severity over the past couple of months.

The couple called Police after their son began acting in a threatening manner. Six officers arrived and patiently communicated with their son and convinced him to come out of the basement room in which he had locked himself. MH/DS caseworker Patrick Swann and a supervisor soon arrived and helped the young man and the police diffuse the situation.

All parties agreed that he should be involuntarily admitted to an ER. The officers took him peacefully to the hospital where he received the help he needed. The couple mentioned that they had a similar incident in the City of Richmond seven years ago, but with very different results. They mentioned that Henrico’s mental health team was head and shoulders above their counterparts in Central Virginia and thanked them again for helping them navigate through a difficult time. Outstanding job!

Department of Public Works

A resident recently sent an email complimenting the Department of Public Works for its response to a large tree branch that fell and blocked the street in front of her house. Soon after the woman called the county’s non-emergency number to report the situation, Road Maintenance Supervisor Steve Jinnett arrived and cleared a lane for traffic to pass.

The next morning, Jinnett and Road Maintenance Supervisors J.J. Rada and Mike McLaughlin, as well as Road Maintenance Heavy Equipment Specialists Pat Robertson, Warren Martin, Jeff Kirk and Jason Marshall, returned to clear the rest of the debris. The resident praised the crew for being careful not to damage her property and for asking her preferences regarding many aspects of the removal. The crew even helped the resident get out of her driveway when she had an appointment. She added the county is lucky to have such good employees with Public Works. Excellent work!

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