Month: May 2018

Operation Paintbrush, Department of Community Revitalization

A resident sent a note to Varina Supervisor Tyrone Nelson for work done by Team Excel through the Department of Community Revitalization’s Operation Paintbrush program. Operation Paintbrush organizes community volunteers to paint the homes of residents who need this assistance. Team Excel is a group of students who provide hands-on service to the community. It consists of seventh through 12th graders at Varina and Henrico high schools as well as John Rolfe and Wilder middle schools. The students are assisted by their families and other mentors. The resident said she appreciates how Henrico cares for its older residents. Thanks to Team Excel and Community Revitalization!

Juan Little, Department of Public Utilities

A resident emailed to compliment the service provided by Juan Little, labor foreman with the Department of Public Utilities, during work done at her house. She lauded his ability to communicate and to ease her frustrations. She said Juan was friendly, informative and an asset to the county. Excellent job, Juan!

Melvin Conway, Department of Public Utilities

A resident expressed appreciation for the help provided by Melvin Conway, from the Charles City Road Public Use Area. The resident arrived shortly before closing to dispose of a load of debris. After the unloading his trailer the man realized his truck would not start. Mr. Conway recognized the problem with the vehicle, and stayed with the resident for 45 minutes until a tow truck arrived

When the resident expressed concern about his trailer, Mr. Conway offered to park it at the office until he could return to get it. The resident said he had been to the Charles City site countless times over the year but never had met an employee so helpful. Thank you, Melvin!

STAR Team, Multiple Departments

A kidney specialist contacted the Henrico STAR team about one of his patients. The Services to Aid Recovery – or STAR team – is a joint effort by Henrico’s Fire and Police divisions, Sheriff’s Office, Department of Social Services, Henrico Area Mental Health and Developmental Services) to help residents find resources to address social or medical needs.

The patient had dangerously high sodium levels and had not received a dialysis treatment in nearly a week. The Emergency Communications Center had received numerous 911 calls about the resident in recent weeks, and he had been observed with open sores on his forehead and knees from apparent falls. The physician grew increasingly concerned because his patient was refusing treatment. A call to the STAR team resulted in an emergency custody order, or ECO, that got the patient the help he needed.

The STAR team explained to the man that he could go voluntarily to the hospital or a magistrate could issue an ECO to take him to the hospital against his will.  The patient continued to refuse treatment, and an ECO was issued. Eventually, STAR team members convinced the man that going to the hospital was in his best interests. He agreed to go and received an emergency dialysis treatment. The STAR team also gave him food and drink when he admitted that he hadn’t eaten. The man later praised the STAR team and said he knew he needed treatment but resisted because he was tired of hospitals.

The STAR team’s ability to handle this emergency and to provide compassionate help for someone in need give us another example of The Henrico Way. You are truly stars!

Joe James, Jr., Department of Public Utilities

A resident complimented the excellent customer service of Joe James, Jr., of the Department of Public Utilities. The resident said she had not moved her trash can to the street in time for crews to pick it up. However, she was able to get Mr. James’ attention and ask if he could come back to empty her can. She said Mr. James gladly returned and collected her trash. He also brought her can back to her house. The resident really appreciated this gesture because she was recovering from a broken ankle. Great job, Joe!

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