Month: March 2019

Firefighter Sarah Hill, Division of Fire

Firefighter Sarah Hill was off duty in Hanover County when she noticed a female motorist in distress as she exited her vehicle on U.S. 301. Hill left her car and approached the woman, who explained that she might be having a heart attack. Hill began to assess the woman’s condition and spoke to her daughter over the phone when the woman passed out, woke up and again lost consciousness. Unable to find a pulse, Hill began to perform CPR on the woman in the road’s median as traffic rushed past on either side. A Hanover Sheriff’s deputy arrived soon after with an automated external defibrillator (AED). Hill used alternating shocks from the AED and rounds of CPR to care for the woman until a crew with Hanover Fire and EMS was able to transport her to a nearby hospital. She is expected to make a full recovery. Hill has been a firefighter for one year. Awesome work, Sarah!

Officer Alex Danilovich, Police Division

A longtime staff member at Brookland Middle School emailed to compliment School Resource Officer Alex Danilovich. She said she had never seen an officer so involved in the school and shared examples of his interactions with students, including some with disciplinary and legal problems. Using humor, sympathy and understanding, Danilovich allows students to see police officers as public servants who truly care about the community, she said. She called him a “true asset to the police force, our community, and our school.” Way to go, Alex!

Stephanie Steele, Department of Finance

A resident emailed to praise Stephanie Steele, a management technician in the Revenue Division of the Department of Finance. The resident said she had assisted in correcting his vehicle registration and was “very helpful, nice…AND very professional.” Great job, Stephanie!

School Resource Officer Josh Jarvis, Police Division

In an email to Police Chief Hum Cardounel, a sergeant praised School Resource Officer Josh Jarvis for his work in mentoring a student. The sergeant noticed a bond between the officer and student during a field trip. The student also sent Jarvis a handwritten note of thanks and took a picture with him. “The importance of having a role model for these kids inside the school cannot be measured on a spreadsheet,” the sergeant wrote. Keep it up, Josh!

Officer Jenifer Gough, Police Division

With frigid temperatures forecasted this winter, Officer Jenifer Gough stopped to give a kit of supplies, including hand warmers, toiletries and snacks, to a man who was panhandling at Brook and Parham roads. The simple act of kindness went viral on social media after a passerby noticed the interaction and sent a photograph to the NBC12 newsroom. Gough says she routinely checks on individuals who are homeless and distributes the kits whenever an opportunity arises. Thanks, Jenifer, for serving our community with compassion!

Department of Public Works

Representatives of the East End, Evergreen and Woodland cemeteries wrote to thank Public Works for its help in clearing brush, fallen trees and trash from the historic cemeteries. Hundreds of volunteers worked to get the debris to the edge of a road before DPW crews collected and hauled it away. Great work, Public Works!

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