Month: August 2017

Advocate for Aging

Henrico resident Randy Wright showed appreciation to our Advocate for Aging, Jelisa Turner, for an outstanding job of serving the residents of Henrico county. Jelisa connected the resident with the proper senior living facility for his neighbor.

Application Outreach

A job applicant gave compliments to Department of Human Resources employee, Cheryl Tuttle, for assisting him through the county website and application process.  He said Cheryl was patient, kind, and encouraging as he maneuvered through the system.

Department of Planning

The Pemberton Crossing Homeowners’ Association recognized Department of Planning employee, Christina Goggin, for expertly and quickly assisting an association member with information regarding a lot in Pemberton Crossing.  The member stated Christina was efficient, patient, and thorough.

Exceptional Work

A resident compliment Community Revitalization employees Paul Johnson, Michael Mollen, and Jennifer Sale for performing their duties in an exceptional manner.  Jennifer is always helpful when the citizen calls to report a complaint.  Paul and Michael work hard to improve conditions in the community and have met with the Neighborhood Watch group.  He appreciates their level of support shown to the community members.

Above & Beyond

The Catholic Heart Workcamp organization passed along sincere appreciation to Fire Lt. Ben Martin and Firefighter Jay Browne, who assisted a resident with replacing his kitchen cabinets on their own time.  The resident is unable to get around on his own, and these men wanted him to have a safe living environment.


Channel 8 news highlighted the over whelming response from Henrico citizens to the Police Division’s new community project #RVArocks… Police are painting rocks, hiding them in local parks, and giving out clues as to their whereabouts on social media.  This engagement effort was initiated by Police personnel Laura Beck, Kenny Lucord, and Chris Garrett.. Nice Job!!

The Division of Fire

A citizen complimented the Division of Fire for their compassion and customer service while responding to an arm injury she sustained.. she stated, “They were the nicest group of fellows I ever met in my life.  I am honored to have been taken care of by them.”


Nice Job

Nice Job… Benjamin Blankinship & Miguel Madrigal in the Planning Department for your level of customer service shown to the community regarding a contested development in a Henrico neighborhood; thank you for your prompt responses to the many inquiries.

Nice Job

A very thoughtful citizen appreciated the way Gordon Harrower, Officer Jason Caravaglia, Mental Health Crisis Unit, and the Star Team came to the aid of her daughter during a most difficult time.  Their compassion, tireless energy, and brilliant expertise helped create a healthy path to recovery.


Way To Go

Way To Go…  Freddie Cannon in the Department of Public Utilities

A resident commended his demeanor of humility and the compassion he displayed while she and her daughter navigated road work near her home; Mr. Cannon went the extra mile to help them access their driveway.


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