Social Services

The Department of Social Services provides financial assistance and social services programs that effectively assist individuals and families to meet their basic human needs, increase their capacity to function independently, and to provide protection for abused and neglected children, and aged and disabled adults. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for Henrico county citizens by assisting them in meeting their essential human needs and encouraging their self sufficiency.

Notice to SNAP Recipients: The last issuance of SNAP Emergency Allotments will occur February 16, 2023. Effective March 2023, all SNAP benefits will return to the normal amounts and will only be issued on your regular issuance date. For more information, please visit or call 1-855-635-4370 Monday - Friday from 7 am - 6pm starting 1/30/2023.

Notice to Medicaid Participants: Virginia Medicaid will soon return to normal enrollment processes. This may result in a loss or reduction of coverage, even if your circumstances have not changed. For more information, please visit or call 1-855-242-8282.

How to Apply

  • If you want to first find out what you might be able to receive, select the AM I ELIGIBLE? link on the bottom of this page,
  • You can apply online through the state’s Common Help portal at
  • Or, apply by calling the Call Center at 833-SCALLVA
  • You may also request an application be mailed to you or pick up one at either of our offices.  Applications for all programs are also available on the state website (Select the Assistance tab to find the program you are interested in applying for and the applicable forms will be listed underneath).  Paper applications are accepted by fax at (804) 501-4006, by mail (West End mailing address) or in person at either office.
  • For pending applications or renewals, your verifications can be emailed to Or, you can place verifications in the DSS drop box at the front of the building in the West End and the Finance drop box in the East End.

If you have questions about P-EBT, please follow this link or call (804) 726-7000.   P-EBT is administered by the State and the local office may not be able to answer your questions or concerns.

West End
8600 Dixon Powers Dr.
Henrico, VA 23228

East End (Benefit Programs only)
3820 Nine Mile Road
Henrico, VA 23223

Mail for both offices
P. O. Box 90775
Henrico, VA 23273-0775

Social Services
(804) 501-4001
Adult Protective Services
(804) 501-7346
Child Protective Services
(804) 501-5437

(804) 501-4006

After 4:00pm, Weekends and Holidays

Adult Abuse & Neglect: (888) 832-3858

Child Abuse & Neglect: (800) 552-7096

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