Children’s Services Act

Serving At-Risk Youth and Families of Henrico County

What is the Children’s Services Act for At-Risk Youth and Families?  The Children’s Services Act for At-Risk Youth and Families (CSA) is a law enacted in 1993 that establishes a single state pool of funds to purchase services for at- risk youth and their families. The state funds, combined with local community funds, are managed by local interagency teams who plan and oversee services to youth.


Who is eligible for services?  Youth who have been identified as needing services to prevent foster care placement; or are in foster care; or are having serious emotional or behavioral problems beyond the resources of the appropriate agency; or need specialized education services; or are under the supervision of the Juvenile Court.


The Henrico Policy and Management Team (HPMT) is the supervising team that coordinates agency efforts, manages available funds, and oversees the administration of the CSA program.


The Family Assessment and Planning Team (FAPT) looks at the strengths and needs of the individual youth and families, decides what services to provide, and prepares a service plan with input from families.  The team consists of representatives of Social Services, Mental Health, Juvenile Court, and Public Schools as well as a private provider and a parent representative.


The MultiDisciplinary Team (MDT) is an alternate FAPT that provides consultation and guidance for cases of special education students in the public school and provides funding authorization and ongoing utilization review for cases of students attending private day placements as indicated in their IEPs.


The Children’s Services Team (CST) evaluates requests for residential treatment of children who are in the custody of their parents.  It follows the Family Partnership Meeting model and determines appropriate services for referred youth.


CSA Contacts

Name Title E-Mail  Phone  Fax
Tracy E Johnson, MSW CSA Coordinator  501-7380  501-4006
Joy McMillian, MS, Ed. CSA Service Specialist  501-5531  501-4006
Megan Dudley, MSW CSA Service Specialist  501-4026  501-4006
Donna Clements, MSW CSA Service Specialist  501-4071  501-4006
Kasey Lumpkins Office Administrator  501-5163  501-4006



CSA State Website –

  • Includes state CSA policies, Provider directory, CANS documents and policies, and more

CANS Training –

  • Provides training and certification (required annually) for the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths assessment (CANS)


  • Site for administering CANS assessments

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