The Frayser Family


Virginia Capital Trail West of Doran Road

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You are located on a tract of land formerly owned by the Frayser family. This was the home of Jesse Frayser (1764-1827) and his wife Keziah Frayser (1761-1854). Jesse Frayser was a private in the Virginia Militia under the command of General Gates at the Battle of Camden, S.C. He also served at the Battle of Cowpens, N.C., and the Battle of Guilford Court House, N.C., under General Greene. He accompanied Col. Henry Lee (Light Horse Harry Lee) to Yorktown and was a witness to the surrender of Lord Cornwallis in 1781.

The Frayser family is listed among those who were charter members of nearby Four Mile Creek Baptist Church (est. 1781). Samuel Frayser (1787-1849), son of Jesse and Keziah, became a local potter. He was the first potter to work at the Richard Randolph Manufactory, though he later operated independently. His salt-glazed stoneware is now sought after by collectors.

The Frayser family land is now divided among several subdivisions. The Frayser Cemetery located nearby is unmarked. Headstones listing the names of Jesse and Keziah Frayser are now located in the cemetery at Four Mile Creek Baptist Church.


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