Intercultural Liaison Partnership


What is the Intercultural Liaison Partnership?

The Henrico Police Intercultural Liaison Partnership (ILP) is designed to strengthen relationships between police and Henrico County’s culturally-diverse communities. Our goal is to build trust within these communities by learning from one another and breaking down barriers. We want to ensure every member of every community knows Henrico Police is here to support them and promote their safety.

Group Photo of Henrico Police Intercultural Liaison Partnership members

Community Liaison Officers


As part of the ILP, Community Liaison Officers are available to help facilitate communication and interaction between Henrico Police and the multicultural communities they represent. The liaison’s are sworn police officers or Ambassadors who not only represent the county’s diverse population, they continually develop relationships and partner-ships with the members, businesses and service providers within each community. To contact any of the below Liaisons or Ambassadors, please call Henrico Police’s Community Services Section at 804-501-4838.

Name Sworn Officer / Ambassador Community
Tiffany Adair Sworn Officer African / Black American
Jermaine Alley Sworn Officer African / Spanish Speaking
Ardalan Azimi Sworn Officer Iranian
Joshua Bridges Sworn Officer Asian – Korean
Sopheap Chamreun Sworn Officer Asian – Cambodian
Michelle Cosel Sworn Officer LGBTQIA+
Alexander Danilovich Sworn Officer Russian
Dirk Engels Sworn Officer Asian – Chinese
Nick Gachuagua Sworn Officer African / Swahili Speaking
William Gage Sworn Officer Intercultural Liaison
Carlos Luis-Ceballo Sworn Officer Latino / Hispanic
Rafael Medina Sworn Officer Hispanic
Logan Miller  Sworn Officer Intercultural Liaison
Bach Nguyen Sworn Officer Asian
Heidi Barton Sworn Officer Hispanic
Igor Tsvetkov Sworn Officer Russian
Matt Pecka Sworn Officer LGBTQIA+
Noori Resen Sworn Officer Yemen / Arabic
Ramona Hoppes Sworn Officer Latino / Hispanic
William Duke Sworn Officer Intercultural Liaison
Gary Brookman Sworn Officer Native American
Morteza Mahmoudi Sworn Officer Iranian
Kyle Morrison Sworn Officer Intercultural Liaison
Juan Castro Sworn Officer Hispanic
Aaron Clark Sworn Officer Black / African American
Andrew Guerra Sworn Officer Hispanic
Yolanda Lee Ambassador  
Michelle Tolliver Ambassador  
Catherine Mallory Ambassador  
Clarissa Iverson



Get Involved

Henrico Police offers many opportunities to get involved:

Citizens Police Academies

We offer both a Citizens Police Academy and Senior Citizens Police Academy twice per year and once per year we offer a Youth Police Academy. To find out when the next academy will be held, watch for announcements online and our social media channels, or call 804-501-4838.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Division offers many opportunities for volunteers. From Motorist Assistance to clerical support, there are many ways you can become involved and support the Division through your skills and talents.

Neighborhood Watch

A partnership between residents and police, Neighborhood Watch helps reduce fear and crime where you live. Call (804) 501-4838 to find out if your neighborhood has a Neighborhood Watch, or learn how you can start one.

Faith Community Coalition

Henrico Police is committed to protecting the public’s freedom of religion. By partnering with local faith leaders, Henrico Police provides support and crime-prevention training for places of worship to Faith Community Coalition members. To find out if your place of worship is part of the coalition, or to learn more, call (804) 501-4838.

TRIAD/SALT (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together)

This group of active seniors are involved with police and sheriff’s departments to stay informed and engaged in senior safety. Henrico Police supports the group’s various programs and gives presentations at their meetings. For more information, or to join, call 804-501-4838.

Become an Ambassador

Ambassadors are community members with a desire to learn more about Henrico Police and assist in building bridges within their culturally-diverse communities. Ambassadors help generate community interest and awareness in a variety of ways, such as hosting meetings and police- or safety-related classes, providing language translation, or even educating police officers on cultural differences so we may provide better service to the community.

Contact the Henrico Police Community Services Section at (804) 501-4838 to learn more about becoming an ambassador for your community.

Help Make Henrico Police an Agency Reflective of our Diverse Community


Join the Henrico Police family as a Police Officer, Animal Protection Police Officer, or 911 Public-Safety Dispatcher. Or, partner with us by hosting a recruiting event in your community or place of worship. Our recruiters are eager to discuss career opportunities available with Henrico Police and what it takes to get hired.

Call or text Henrico Police recruiters at (804) 393-1893, or email [email protected].


Henrico Police welcomes residents to volunteer for various positions throughout the Division. Our volunteer opportunities include chaplains, motorist assistance, office assistants, fingerprint assistants, and more. Learn more and apply today! Please note, some volunteer positions for the Division require extensive background checks. 

For more information about our programs and services, email [email protected] or call our Community Services Section at (804) 501-4838.

Here to Keep You Safe

Henrico Police offers many services, resources, and programs to our residents and business owners – all at no charge. Below are a few ways Henrico Police is working to keep you safe. 

Support Services

Henrico Police is dedicated to keeping you safe and protecting your rights. The Guiding Principle of the Henrico County Police Division is to treat everyone with respect, compassion and dignity. We continually ask ourselves, “Do my actions reflect how I want members of my family to be treated?”

We have many services, resources, and programs available to our residents and business owners. Partner with us through one of the programs listed below:

Domestic Violence Support

Domestic violence is a pattern of behaviors used by one person in a relationship to control the other. Behaviors may include emotional, financial, or psychological abuse. Our Domestic Violence Coordinator provides services and resources to help those in abusive relationships. Learn about our Domestic Violence Assistance services or contact our Domestic Violence Coordinator at [email protected] or 804-501-5732.

Community Services

The Division offers a variety of services, programs, or resources to you, your group or organization – all at no charge. 

Be 911 Ready

Only call 911 in an emergency situation. If the situation is not life-threatening, call Henrico Police Non-Emergency at (804) 501-5000. Noisy neighbors, barking dogs, and similar problems or questions are considered non-emergencies.

Follow these tips when calling 911:

  • Stay on the phone
  • Remain calm and tell the call taker if you need police, fire fighters, or medical help
  • Speak slowly and clearly
  • Provide your exact location, including street name and number if you have it
  • Listen carefully to what the call taker is telling you to do and follow their instructions

Report Crime & Suspicious Activity to Police

Always report crime or suspicious activity to police. Call Henrico Police non-emergency at (804) 501-5000 or 911 in an emergency. No matter how minor or embarrassing it may be, by reporting crime to police you help others from becoming victims. If you have information about a crime but wish to remain anonymous, you may submit your tip anonymously to Crime Stoppers through its P3Tips app or by calling (804) 780-1000.

Sign Up for Emergency Alerts

Learn more about the Henrico County Community Emergency Notification System and sign up at

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