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Virginia department of Elections Candidates List

General Assembly & Local Candidate List 2023

Senate of Virginia

  • District 10

           John J. McGuire III -R

  • District 13

           Eric F. Ditri -R

           Lashrecse D. Aird -D

  • District 14

           Lamont Bagby -D

  • District 16

           Siobhan S. Dunnavant -R

           Schuyler T. VanValkenburg -D 

House of Delegates

  • 57th District

           David L. Owen -R

           Susanna S. Gibson -D

  • 58th District

            L. Riley Shaia -R

            Rodney T. Willett -D

  • 59th District

            H. F. “Buddy” Fowler, Jr. -R

            Rachel A. Levy -D

  • 80th District

            Destiny L. Levere Bolling -D

  • 81st District

            Delores L. McQuinn -D

Local Henrico Candidates List – 2023

  • Clerk of Court

          Heidi Sauter Barshinger 

          Graham S. “Gray” Montrose 

  • Commonwealths Attorney

          Shannon L. Dillon 

          Shannon L. Taylor 

  • Sheriff

          Alisa A. Gregory 

          Harold L. Ford 

  • Board of Supervisors Brookland District

          Dan J. Schmitt 

          Stephen Allen Rast II 

  • Board of Supervisors Fairfield District

          Roscoe D. Cooper III 

          Delta R. Bowers 

         James W. “Bo” Middleton 

  • Board of Supervisors Three Chopt District 

          Thomas M. Branin 

          Misty D. Whitehead 

  • Board of Supervisors Tuckahoe District

         Gregory R. “Greg” Baka 

         Jody K. Rogish 

  • Member Board of Supervisors Varina District

          Tyrone E. Nelson 

  • Member School Board Brookland District

          Kristal Briggs “Kristi” Kinsella 

  • Member School Board Fairfield District

          Tommie L. Jefferson  

          Terrell A. Pollard 

          Keith W. Hicks  

         Crystal D. Varner Parker

          Ryan E. Young 

  • Member School Board Three Chopt District

          Madison T. Irving 

          Eleina H. Espigh 

          Kristen M. Vithoulkas 

  • Member School Board Tuckahoe District

          Marcie F. Shea  

  • Member School Board Varina District

           Alicia S. Atkins 

          Domonique S. Pervall  

  • Soil & Water Conservation Director (vote for 3)

          Claiborne Ewing Yarbrough 

          Brittany E. Rose 

          Becky L. Lakin 

         Clover Dosier 



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