Do you have a question about training offered by the County of Henrico for General Government employees? Check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions below.

Training in the Classroom

Choosing a Class

Registering for a Class

Directions, Class Times, & Adverse Weather

Class Selection Process

Canceling a Class Enrollment

Training History & Credit Hours


Training Online

Online Learning – General

Online Learning – Skillsoft

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Choosing a Class

Is there a cost to attend training?

There is no cost to attend training classes. However, the County must pay a higher cost per seat when an employee cancels at the last minute or does not show up for a class.

How do I know if I’m allowed to take a certain class?

  • The target audience for the majority of the Customer Service, Leadership/Professional Development and Technology classes is “Any County employees” (with a few exceptions).
  • The target audience for Management classes is “Supervisors only.” Check course descriptions in HRMS for target audience.

Do I have to be a participant in a program (LDP or CSCP) to take classes?


What classes qualify for LDP & CSCP?

LDP or CSCP classes include any of the classes that are specifically identified by you and your advisor to meet your development goals.

I need training hours. What do I need to do to get in a class?

  • Talk to your advisor if you are in LDP or CSCP.
  • Talk to your supervisor about career development hours.
  • Employees will not be given special priority based on need for training hours.

How important is it that I meet the prerequisites for a technology class?

  • Each training facility establishes prerequisites to ensure that you are properly prepared for the class you will be taking. Your classroom experience will be determined by your understanding and mastery of those prerequisites. Prerequisites may be met through the completion of previous coursework or equivalent knowledge/experience.
  • To see the prerequisites requirements for each class, visit the course description in online training catalog at “Learner Home” in HRMS. You will see the prerequisite requirements on the Course screen for each class.
  • Example: Excel 2007 – Introduction requires completion of 1) Computer Keyboarding — Level 1 and any introductory level Windows course or 2) equivalent knowledge.What does that mean?
    • Go to the Computer Keyboarding class description information and review the objectives for Level 1.
    • If you can perform the listed operations, you can consider yourself meeting the prerequisite (even if you have not taken the class) and you can enroll in Excel 2007 – Introduction.
    • If you cannot complete the objectives that are listed, you should enroll and complete the Computer Keyboarding class before enrolling in Computer Fundamentals.

Where can I call for more information on technology classes and prerequisites?

If you need more information on how to determine if you meet the prerequisite for a class, or need more information about technology course content, call 501-7206.

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Registering for a Class

How do I register for a class?

  • Employees register for Employee Development & Training (ED&T) classes in HRMS.
  • For specific registration instructions, look in the Class Registration/Cancellation section of the ED&T Web site.

Do I need supervisory approval to attend a class?

Your supervisor will no longer approve your training request online. However, you must inform your supervisor when you will be out of the office attending training.

How will I know that the training coordinator has received my registration?

You will receive a message “My Worklist” in HRMS, as well as an e-mail in your Outlook, that your registration request has been received by the Training Coordinator.

When is the class registration deadline?

Deadlines for enrollments are one month prior to class start date.

What if I miss the registration deadline?

Registrations will be accepted after the deadline. You will either be “Waitlisted” or “Confirmed”, depending on whether seats are available in the class.

Is there a limit on the number of classes that I can register for?

There is no limit on the number of classes for which you can register. However, you should only register for classes that you know you are available to attend.

What can I expect after I submit a class registration?


  • You will receive a message “My Worklist” in HRMS, as well as an e-mail in your Outlook, that your registration request has been received by the Training Coordinator and your status will be updated to “Waiting for Selections.”
  • You will remain in a “Waiting for Selections” status until the enrollment deadline has passed for the class, which is one month prior to class.
  • The class selection process will be completed one month prior to class. You status will change to either “Confirmed” or “Waitlisted.” You will receive a message in “My Worklist” in HRMS, as well as an email in your Outlook, stating your status is “Confirmed” or “Waitlisted.”

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Class Selection Process

How are class selections made?


  • Selections are made after the enrollment deadline for each class, which is one month prior to the class start date.
  • Selections are random. We do prioritize those employees who are within the target audience. In addition, we make an effort not to waitlist a person more than one time for the same class.
  • We review the previous offering of the class for employees who were previously waitlisted and give priority to those employees.
  • Selections are not based on a first-come, first-served basis.

When will my status change from “Waiting for Selections” to “Confirmed” or “Waitlisted”?


  • After the enrollment deadline has passed, the Training Coordinator will complete a random class selection process. Your status will change from “Waiting for Selections” to either “Confirmed” (you are scheduled to attend) or “Waitlisted” (you are on the waiting list and are not scheduled to attend class).
  • As employees cancel and a seat becomes available, your status can change to “Confirmed.” If this occurs, you will receive a message in “My Worklist” in HRMS, as well as an email in your Outlook.

I’ve been “Waitlisted” for a class and still want to attend. What I do? Can my status change?


  • If cancellations occur in the class, employees on the waiting list could be moved up and would be contacted with an Outlook message indicating that they are “Confirmed” (scheduled to attend class).
  • Your status is updated in real time and available on the “Learner Home.”
  • Note: Employees with a “Waitlisted” status could be “Confirmed” to attend up to 48 hours prior to the class. You are encouraged to check your status until 48 hours prior to class.

I’ve been waitlisted multiple times for a class and haven’t gotten in. What do I need to do to get in?

A random selection process is used to confirm employees in a class. In addition, we make an effort not to waitlist a person more than one time for the same class. We review the previous offering of the class for employees who were previously waitlisted and give them priority.

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Canceling a Class Enrollment

I have enrolled into a class and I am unable to attend. What do I do?


  • To cancel a class, go to “Learner Home”; click “Unenroll” beside the class you wish to cancel.
  • Click on “New Status” drop down arrow and choose “Cancelled”.
  • Click on “Reason” drop down arrow and choose your reason for needing to cancel out of the class.
  • Click on “Finish” and you will receive a notification in your worklist of your cancellation.

How do I switch class dates?

You must “Unenroll: in that class and then “Enroll” in the class that has the dates you prefer.

What if I have an emergency and I am unable to attend part of a class?

Students are responsible for arranging with the instructor any make-up work required to complete the class.

Is there a penalty when I cancel a class?


  • There is no penalty if you have to cancel a class. Employees and Supervisors are encouraged to only cancel classes if there is a work or personal emergency.
  • Late notification of non-attendance or no notification at all reduces the possibility of another County employee taking advantage of a scheduled training opportunity.
  • For some classes the County is charged if you do not show up to class or if you cancel late (24 hours prior to class). Advance notice will eliminate any fees associated with cancellations.

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Directions, Class Times, & Adverse Weather

What time do I report to class?


  • All classes start promptly at the time listed on the Course screen (within HRMS). Registration and check-in begin prior to class start time.
  • Note: Our confirmations cannot list multiple-class days and times, just start date/time and end date/time. You will need to check the course description in the HRMS training catalog for details about start/end times and dates for multiple day classes.

How do I find directions to a training location?


  • Training location addresses are on the confirmation e-mail.
  • Maps and directions to each location can be found on the Classes & Registration Web page under Training Locations.

What should I do if I am enrolled in a class and there is adverse weather?

Adverse weather instructions/policies can be found on the Classes & Registration Web page under Adverse Weather.

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Training History & Credit Hours

Do I receive credit for these courses?

Once you have successfully completed a course, your Learning History will be updated to show the number of hours completed in the course.

How do I see my training history?

Your training history can be viewed by going to “Learner Home” and clicking on Learning History. Classes taken prior to December 2008 through June 2010 can be found in “Courses Taken” under “My Past” in Employee Direct Access.

What type of credit do I receive for technology classes?


  • Students attending classes held by Infotec and GIS services will receive a certificate.
  • Students attending J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College (JSR) will receive credits for the completion of each course at their facility. Students will earn either a “pass” or “fail” grade based on performance, attendance and effort. Students need to contact JSR directly if they need official transcripts.
  • Students attending classes held at the Community College Workforce Alliance (CCWA) will receive CEUs for classes completed based on performance, attendance and effort.
  • CEUs are nationally recognized units of measurement for satisfactory completion of qualified continuing education programs. They are calculated based on the formula of .1 CEU for each hour of classroom instruction.

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Online Learning – General

How do I know if online learning is a good option for me?

Online learning is a good option for you if you like the option to take courses 24/7 and progress through the course in a pace suited to your needs. You can also repeat lessons as many times as you want, reinforcing the materials until you have a solid understanding of it.

Will the course hours be added to my learning history? How are hours calculated?

Yes for Skillsoft – total learning time (hours/minutes) will be rounded up to the nearest quarter hour. Hours are calculated based on the exact amount of time you spend in a course. Specific courses completed will not appear in your Learning History. Only time from your registration date through the end of May will appear in your learning history.

No for Compliance – once you move your course to learning history, you will see the completed course there. No hours will show.

What if I am enrolled in the Leadership Development Program (LDP) or Customer Service Certification Program (CSCP)?

You can participate in the online learning for both of these programs, but they do have different guidelines.

Am I able to get CSCP or LDP credit for classes?


Skillsoft – There are pre-approved and non-pre-approved classes you may count toward hours for CSCP and LDP. To see classes that have been pre-approved, go to the folder that says “Customer Service” and “Leadership”. Everything in those folders is pre-approved for that program, and you will not need to do additional paperwork to count those hours. For all other classes, you will need to complete an Equivalency Review Form in order to get credit. Hours will count on an hour-for-hour basis.

Compliance – These courses will automatically count and no additional paperwork will be required for either program.

Can I take these online learning options during or outside of my normal work hours?

Skillsoft courses will be available 24/7. You should not receive compensatory time or overtime for these courses.

Compliance courses will only be allowed to complete at work.

Will I receive a certificate for completing courses?

You will have the option of printing your certificate for Skillsoft courses only.  ED&T will not generate certificates of completion.

What are the technical requirements for my computer in order to be able to access and use the online training?

Hardware Requirements

    • Minimum 500 Mhz CPU
    • Minimum 256 MB RAM
    • Minimum video resolution of 800 x 600 (1024 x 768 or higher recommended)

Software Requirements

    • Microsoft® Windows® 2000 SP4 or later, Windows XP SP2 or later (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit), or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64 bit)
    • Internet Explorer 8 and 9
    • Flash Player 6.0.79 or later (
    • Java (Version 7, update 40 or below)


    • There is an issue running Windows XP and any IE higher than 8
    • Internet Explorer (IE) 10 – 64 bit version is not supported by Oracle
    • Firefox and Google Chrome are not supported
    • Windows 8 is not supported
    • Turn pop-up blockers off


Online Learning – Compliance

How do I know if the training is compliance and mandatory?

You will receive a communication from the Department of Human Resources announcing if the class is mandatory.

What are the guidelines for registering?

Each compliance training module will have a specific target audience identified in the course description within Learner Home. You will be automatically enrolled and notified.

How do I register?

For compliance training, you will be automatically enrolled into the class and no action is required on your part. You will receive “Waiting for Selections” and “Confirmed” emails once the registration is complete. Once confirmation is received, go to Oracle Learner Home to see the class you have been enrolled in. Click the play button to play the module.

Why is this class mandatory?

Compliance courses are mandatory to comply with various regulations, depending on the topic, and to ensure all employees have received proper training. All mandatory classes will be identified with an asterisk (*) beside the course name.

Online Learning – Skillsoft

What are the guidelines for registering for a license?

Desktop Application License

    • You must complete at least three hours of online learning. These three hours can be achieved by completing the courses or parts of different courses, depending on what your learning needs are.
    • You will have access to: Office 2003, 2007, 2010, XP—topics include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook. In addition, Adobe Products include: Flash, Photoshop and Dreamweaver. Crystal Reports is also available.

Business Skills License

    • You must complete at least five hours of online learning. These five hours can be completed by attending complete courses or parts of several courses, depending on what your learning needs are.
    • Topic include: Interpersonal communication, listening, cross-cultural communication, running effective meetings, negotiation, business execution, serving customers, leadership essentials, leading teams, time management, personal productivity improvement, business ethics, building and maintaining trust, coaching and mentoring, and more.

You must also complete the course on using Skillsoft called “Skillsoft Guided Tour.” The Guided Tour can be found once you log in under “My Play”.

We recommend that you access the Virtual tour which you will have access to upon login. The Virtual tour will provide information on how to navigate throughout Skillsoft including customizing your learning, and how to browse, access, and search in SkillSoft as well as how to track your learning progress.

What is the time period for the license?

A license is good for a fiscal year beginning July 1 – June 30.  However, you need to complete the required number of hours (three hours for Desktop and five for Business Skills) by the end of May in order for the time to be added to your learning history. Only time up through May will appear in your learning history.

How do I register?

    1. Log in to HRMS at
    2. Go to Employee Direct Access > Learning > Learner Home > Catalog > Department of Human Resources-General Government > Employee Development & Training (FYxx/xx) > Online Learning (FYxx/xx)
    3. Select either: Skillsoft Business Skills: On the Go! (FYxx/xx) or Skillsoft Desktop: On the Go! (FYxx/xx).
      Note: “xx” represents the current fiscal year.
    4. Continue the enrollment process.

NOTE: Once “Confirmed,” you will receive an e-mail from ED&T with a user guide, and within 24 hours you will also receive an e-mail directly from Skillsoft. This e-mail will contain your user ID, password, and Web portal link. Upon receipt of this, you can begin training online.

What if I see some information in a course that conflicts with Henrico County policies?

Henrico County Rules & Regulations supersede information you may find in Skillsoft courses. This type of information would generally apply to disciplinary practices, grievances and dismissing employees. Contact the Department of Human Resources if you have any questions on the content in Skillsoft.

How do I print a Certificate of Completion for Skillsoft training?

When you complete a learning asset (for example, a course or an entire learning program), you can print a certificate of completion following the instructions below.

      1. Do one of the following:
        • If the course is not for a credential, click MY PROGRESS on the navigation panel on the left.
        • If the course is for a credential (LDP or CSCP), click Credentials on the navigation panel on the left, and then click Show Progress beside the appropriate credential.

Note: If you want to print a certificate for a course that you have taken as part of a credential, it is important to print it from the Credentials area of SkillPort. A certificate printed from this area has important information related to the credential, such as the type of credit (for example, PDU or CPE), the number of credits, and appropriate logos and contact information. A standard certificate printed from MY PROGRESS does not have this information.

Click the Completed tab. In the Controls column (or the Actions column if you are within the Credentials area), click Skillsoft beside the learning asset for which you want to print a certificate.In the menu in the browser window that displays the certificate, click File | Print

In the Print dialog box, click Print.

Where do I find more information about actually using Skillsoft, the online training program?

For specific Skillsoft instructions, check out the Skillsoft Quick Start Guide on the Classes & Registration page under “Online Class Information.”

Where can I find information on the class topics and see a sample of the classes offered through online learning?

For information on Skillsoft curriculum and to see a sample of their topics and classes, check out the Skillsoft Flyer on the Classes & Registration page under “Online Class Information.”

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I want to schedule a class for my staff. What do I need to do?

Contact the Employee Development & Training Division Manager at 501-7207 or

I want to make a mandatory referral for an employee to attend a class. What do I need to do?

Contact the Employee Development & Training Division Manager at 501-7207 or

I’m not a supervisor, but want to get in a Management class. What do I do?

Non-Supervisory employees can attend Leadership/Professional Development classes. Management classes are open to supervisors only.

I don’t see my question here—what do I do?

Contact ED&T at 501-7201.

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