A completed building permit application which should include the job location, parcel/GPIN number, and the Plan of Development number (if applicable).  Click here for permit application.

A completed Henrico County Inspection Services Asbestos Certification.  Click here for Asbestos Certification.

A completed Henrico County Demolitions Certification.  Click here for Demolition Certification.
Note: All utilities and gas lines to the job location must be disconnected prior to the issuance of a permit.

Two (2) copies of the site plan showing the location of the building to be demolished.

Please be advised that the Henrico County Planning Office and the Department of Public Utilities prior to the issuance of a permit must approve all demolition permits.

The Office of Building Construction and Inspections will also send an electrical inspector to the job site prior to the issuance of any permit to confirm the disconnection of any electrical service.