Permit Review Guide

Commercial Building Permit Review Procedure

Two sets of plans, including site plans, are required to be submitted for review with the building permit application. One set is routed to all other applicable county agencies for review. The second set is routed to all affected plan reviewers within the Department of Building Construction and Inspections. All plan reviewers will either approve the application or issue written comments to be addressed by the applicant. Written plan review comments will be faxed or mailed to the permit applicant, the representative and/or the engineer / architect listed on the application. (Please verify that your fax number is always on the permit application) The building permit will be issued after all plan reviewers and other applicable county agencies have approved the application.

Turnaround Goals

Permit turnaround goals are based on submittal of complete and accurate plans.

New Buildings: 30 working days
Tents and other temporary structures: 10 working days
Renovations and Additions: 10 working days
Demolitions: Dependent on the verification of disconnection of all utilities (water, sewer, electrical, phone, gas, cable TV)

Who to call for assistance

The permit clerk handles all general questions such as permit fees, permit issuing and permit application tracking.

For personal assistance: call our receptionist at (804) 501-4360

Permit Clerk (804) 501-4760
New building plan review (804) 501-4686
Alteration and additions plan review (804) 501-4363
Plumbing plan review (804) 501-4369
Electrical plan review (804) 501-4365
Mechanical plan review (804) 501-4376
Fire protection plan review (804) 501-4376

Planning and Zoning (804) 501-4602
Public Works (804) 501-4393
Public Utilities (804) 501-4517
Health Department (804) 501-4530

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