Requirements for New Construction

We are listing these items to enable you to provide us with the initial information necessary so that your review will not be delayed while waiting for additional information. If you take the time to verify the presence of this information it will enable us to provide a quicker, more effective review of your proposed plans.

  • Login to Build Henrico to submit an online application. Permit fees are due at the time of submittal.
  • Upload the stamped approved Plan of Development or the Administrative approved plans. A site plan should be submitted when a Plan of Development or Administrative approval is not required. Please contact the County of Henrico Planning Department at (804) 501-4602 if you need further assistance regarding these plans.
  • A soils report that includes foundation recommendations for the job location.
  • The Henrico County Statement of Special Inspections form to include the name of the company to perform the tests and a list of the inspections agreed upon.
  • A complete set of architectural and structural drawings. These plans should include the following information:
    • Code used including edition
    • Use group clarification and the proposed use for all areas of the building
    • Type of construction
    • Occupancy load for all areas of the building to be occupied
  • Structural design including stair details, door & window schedules, fire resistant rated assemblies, accessible bathroom layouts, safety glazing location and glass types
  • Building insulation
  • A complete set of mechanical drawings including:
    • Fan and equipment schedules
    • Kitchen rangehood details
    • Fire sprinkler design information
    • Fire standpipe locations
    • Supply and return duct layouts
  • A complete set of plumbing drawings including:
    • Waste and vent riser diagrams
    • Storm water riser diagrams
    • Drawings showing storm and sanitary sewer installation outside of building
    • Water supply and water distribution piping
    • Backflow prevention and cross connection control devices
  • A complete set of electrical drawings including:
    • Lighting and single line power drawings
    • Panel schedules
    • Power distribution details/risers
    • Fire alarm device locations and sequence of operation
    • Exit sign locations

Restaurants or food service facilities require a food service permit, which may be obtained through the Health Department. Please contact the Health Department at (804) 501-4530 if you need further assistance regarding these plans.

A footing and foundation permit application may be submitted in addition to your building permit through Build Henrico.  Apply for a separate building permit and choose a primary work scope of Footing & Foundation Only and submit structural drawings.

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