Requirements for Construction/Classroom Trailers

Construction and classroom trailers are regulated by Henrico County zoning ordinances, and permitted only under specific circumstances at limited locations. The applicant should contact the Planning Office at (804) 501-4602 to determine if the proposed use and location qualify for consideration prior to the submittal of a building permit application.

Applicants should also notify the Henrico County Division of Fire at (804) 501-4900 and the Henrico County Division of Police at (804) 501-4800 for information regarding their specific requirements prior to the submittal of a building permit application.

A completed Commercial Building Permit Application, which includes the job location and the Plan of Development number (if applicable). The application shall state the length of time the trailer is to remain on the premises and its intended use. Permit fees and state levy fees are due upon application.

 Code used including edition.

Two (2) copies of the site plan showing the location of the trailer including dimensions from property lines, parking lots and existing structures.

Two (2) copies of plans that indicate the dimensions of the trailer and if it has a working restroom. These dimensions may be shown on the site plan.

Two (2) copies of the plans showing trailer support, tie downs, steps and ramps as applicable.

Disclose industrial building unit data plate information including code manufactured under, use group, occupancy load, live load and wind design.

The appropriate approvals of County agencies with functional and operational responsibilities shall be included in the routing of the permit application (i.e. Planning, Public Works and Public Utilities). These agencies shall be contacted for other requirements where applicable.

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